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burfi-mI am sharing very easy and delicious recipe of Barfi with you. Barfi or barfee is one of the famous traditional sweet of Pakistan. Special occasions are incomplete without Barfi. You will find a lot variations in Barfi but this is basic recipe of Barfi. Add nuts or color to give variations. You can serve as a dessert or even use in Kheer or Halwas.

You can check the recipe of BASAN KI BARFI also.


Fresh Milk1 cup
Ghee/ unsalted butter1 cup
Milk powder (Nido)2 cups
Icing sugar1 cup
Khoya1/2 cup
Kewra essencefew drops
Pistachio and almonds as needed


  • In a pot add liquid milk and ghee. Let it melt and add Khoya ( if you do not want to add khoya than skip it). Stir well.
  • Now add milk powder and sugar. Mix well.
  • Stir constantly. Add kewra water.
  • Mixture will become thick in consistency and leave sides of the pot.
  • Grease a tray and pour mixture on it.
  • Spread and sprinkle nuts on top.
  • Let it cool on room temperature and than place in refrigerator.


  • When set, cut in squares and serve.


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