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“Cooking requires confident guesswork and improvisation– experimentation and substitution, dealing with failure and uncertainty in a creative way”

Creating a recipe is not an easy job….a lot of hard work and experimentation is involved in this, my recipe today is also a creation but not mine… Its a creation of my Teacher…Chef Ashok Kumar Raj.I have tried this recipe and simply loved it…:)

First i am giving you my Teacher’s recipe and then i will give you my own version blended with my teacher’s creation…:)



Vanilla icecreama large pack
Gulab jamunsas requried
Chocolate syrupas needed
Coffee granules for making bitters1 tsp
Chat masala powder1/4 tsp
choco flakesfor garnish


  • Take or make small gulab jamuns of very small size then freeze them.
  • First make coffee bitters by roasting coffee granules on a pre heated pan. They will become black and more bitter.
  • Take a transparent glass or bowl then pour Chocolate sauce inside the walls of glass, rotate to coat syrup .
  • Keep the ice cream on heated place /near stove so that it can be soft enough to take a glass shape.
  • But hard enough to support jamuns so that they do not sink in the ice cream.
  • Add a spoon full icecream to the glass and then add 1-2  gulab jamuns ,now sprinkle chat masala or mango powder and coffee bitters , again add icecream and then gulab jamuns.
  • Keep on layering till reach top of the glass and increase number of jamuns as you go higher.
  • Last layer of ice cream should be lumpy and your jamuns should be half sink in ice cream.Freeze this.
  • Sprinkle coffee bitters, chat masala powder and choco flakes ,before serving.
  • Enjoy this super tasty dessert.

I have followed Chef’s instruction but instead of using bitters, i have used cocoa powder because i don’t like bitter taste of coffee…:) in my picture you will not see choco flakes but believe me the crunchi flavor of flakes will enhance the taste of your dessert.




Strawberry Ice creama large pack
Gulab Jamunsas needed
Strawberry and chocolate sauce (Hershey's)as needed
Chocolate flakesfor garnish
Chat masalato taste
Cocktail fruits as needed


  • Freeze jamuns for 2-3 hours.
  • Soften ice cream by keeping it near stove ,keep an eye carefully as soon as starts melting , pour chocolate syrup on inner walls of glass and rotate it.
  • Now pour spoon full of ice cream in the glass and place 1-2 jamuns , pour thick strawberry sauce and then spread cocktail fruits generously then chat masala, again pour ice cream  and then again repeat the step till reach the glass top.Keep in freezer to set.
  • On the top pour chocolate syrup and choco flakes.
  • You can sprinkle coffee bitters and chat masala on top layer before serving.


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