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Few years ago I experienced  saji in Karachi in a restaurant just opposite of Expo center. It was a memorable dinner for me as my brothers and my mother were all togather. I can’t forget the taste of that sajii and also the gathering of our family. It was so delicious and masala which they sprinkle on it was wonderful. So I decided to make my own version of saji and share with you guys. I hope you will like it.


Whole Chicken 1
Fresh Ginger Paste 1 tsp
Fresh Garlic Paste 1 tsp
Raw Papaya Paste 1 tbsp
Oil 1 tbsp
Lemon Juice 2 tsp
Salt as desired
Crushed Black Pepper 1 tbsp


  • First mix all ingredients in a bowl with oil and then make some cuts on chicken from all sides.
  • Rub masala  on whole chicken and marinate for 5-6 hours ( I marinated in the morning at 11 and backed at 7 in the evening)
  • Now tie the legs of chicken first then bake it for 1 hour and 20 mins.
  • Serve it with boiled eggs and rice. (I served with garam masala rice)

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