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Baklava is a middle eastern pastry made of many layers of thin dough filled with nuts ,  you will find variations in baklave sweet. Here is my easy recipe. You can easily make this with wonton/ samosa wraps.


Wonton/ samosa wraps20
Butterfor brushing
Eggfor brushing
Nuts (Almond and pistachio)1 cup
Date (chopped)1/2 cup
Sugar 3/4 cup
Water1 cup


  •  Grease the baking tray or muffin tray.
  • Cut squares of wraps and place first one on tray and brush egg and butter ,place second wrap again brush egg and butter.Repeat it 3-4 times means you will place at least 6 layers .
  • On top place nuts and date mixture. Close from top and bake  at 180c till light golden and crispy.
  • Make syrup by adding sugar 3/4  and water 1 cup , syrup should be thick in consistency.
  • Pour syrup on baked baklava and serve. You can serve hot or on room temperature…:)
  • You can bake this in a heat proof rectangle dish.Place wraps in layers as i mentioned earlier and in each layer, stuff nuts. Cut in diamond shape and bake.

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