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pita piza cake mThis small size pizza cake is easy to make and use readily available ingredients. I have seen this recipe of Pizza Cake somewhere on Facebook page. In original recipe they used pizza dough to make layers and I have replaced pizza dough with Pita Bread.

pita pizza cake d
  • Marinate chicken with Tikka masala. For Tikka Marination check this link: CHICKEN TIKKA PIZZA.
  • Cook the chicken and set aside.
  • Take pita bread as many as you required. I have used 3.
  • Spread pizza sauce and chicken on first layer and sprinkle cheese.
  • Cover with second layer and do the same process.
  • Repeat this in all layers.Press with hand. On top layer sprinkle cheese, oregano and olives.
pita pizza 1
  • Bake at 180c till cheese melt and nice brown color appear.
pita pizza cake ddd
  • Serve with ketchup.
  • Wrap a cake slice in cling sheet and give in your kids lunch box. They will surely love it 🙂
pita pizza cake dd



science project mI and my sons worked on this cute project for School’s Science Exhibition. We collected ideas from Google and combined all ideas to make ARCTIC REGION. Interesting thing for my kids was making Penguins, polar bear, seal from Polymer Clay. They enjoyed shaping clay into cute animals. I have arranged all animals in a Box.

science project d

I have used cotton to give snow effect. Polymer clay of blue color to show water.

science project 2

For Igloo, I have used coconut shell. Spread glue all over it and iron foamic sheet, it will become soft, quickly spread it tightly on coconut shell. Cut the extra sheet and make lines with black marker.

science project 4

Penguin making was so much fun for us.

science project 5




science project 9


science project 10


science project 12

Polar Bear was also looking adorable 🙂

science project 6


science project 3


science project 8


science project 7



oats kheer mOats kheer is healthy and simple recipe. I have tried oats gajrela and believe me it was too good and delicious. Summers are coming and this is a perfect dessert for your family.


Quaker Oats1/2 cup
Desi ghee/ oil1 tbsp
Cardamom powder1 tsp
Milk3 cups
Grated carrot (if making gajrela)4 tbsp
Nutsas needed


  • Add 1 tbsp oil/ desi ghee in pot and cardamoms. Stir for few seconds and add grated carrots. (if making gajrela otherwise add oats as mentioned in next step)
  • Stir for few seconds. Now add oats and stir for few more seconds.
  • Add milk and sugar/ honey. Mix well.
  • Let it cook for few minutes, keep on stiring.
  • When become thick add nuts.
  • Serve chill.
oats kheer d

butter scotch cake 2An excellent recipe by Chef Arshad, soft sponge covered in butterscotch icing, dripping with a rich, butterscotch sauce that will make your mouth water.


Eggs 6
Sugar, grind it125 g / 12 tbsp
Plain flour125 g /12 tbsp
Baking powder1tsp
Vanilla essencefew drops


  • In a large bowl add sugar and eggs, beat for 3-4 minutes or till fluffy. They will become double in volume and foamy. Add vanilla essence and mix well.
  • Add flour and baking powder, first sieve it.
  • Now use spatula to mix flour with light hands.
  • Divide batter in two 8″ pans and bake at 180c in preheated oven.
  • Let it cool completely.
butter scotch cake 1
  • Watch video of making sponge.


Sugar 100 g
Butter25 g
Nuts , mixed50 g


  • Melt sugar in pan on low flame, add butter when sugar melt.
  • Add crushed nuts and mix well.
  • Grease a plate or butter paper and pour this mixture on it, spread it and let it cool completely.
  • It will become hard, break in small pieces and than use rolling pin to make crunch.
  • You can store in a jar on room temperature also.


Sugar200 g
Butter60 g
Salt1/2 tsp
Cream200 g
Milk100 ml


  • In a pan melt sugar till light brown, add butter and salt very carefully and stir for few seconds.
  • Mix milk and cream in a cup and add in caramel. Stir continuously till become thick.
  • Let it cool completely.
butter scotch cake 3


  • Mix  2-3 tbsp condensed milk in 1 cup water, Divide cake into two halves.
  • Soak cake with milk.
  • Beat cream by adding butter scotch sauce 3-4 tbsp in it.
  • Now spread cream on one half and spread Butter scotch, butter scotch sauce and pineapple chunks (optional , not in original recipe but i like to add) on it, cover with the second half of the cake and cover with cream.
  • You can make three or four layer cake as per your requirement.
  • Top your cake with butter scotch sauce and keep in refrigerator for few hours.
  • Enjoy delicious cake with your family.
  • I have made this cake on my Wedding Anniversary.
  • Made a prop 🙂
anniversary 1
  • Hand made card for my husband.
anniversary 2





salad on apple mA perfect appetizer recipe which is healthy and delicious, this recipe doesn’t need a recipe 🙂 You can change ingredients according to your taste buds.


Chicken, boiled and shred1/2 cup
Cabbage1/4 cup
Carrot, grated1
Capsicum, chopped1 small
Dried craneberries1 tbsp
Cream cheese2 tbsp
Mayonaise1/2 cup
White pepper1/4 tsp
Black pepper1/2 tsp
Saltto taste
Oliveas needed
Red chili flakes as needed


  • Cut all vegetables and mix all other ingredients in it.
  • Keep it in refrigerator.
  •  Just before serving cut apple slices and place  spoonful salad on slice and serve.
  • You can dip apples in lemon water to avoid browning of slices. Instead of mayonnaise use yogurt if you like.
salad on apple dd
  • Sprinkle chili flakes and serve.
salad on apple d

no more excuses m

“EVERY JOURNEY BEGINS WITH THE SINGLE STEP, BUT YOU WILL NEVER FINISH IF YOU DON’T START”. Yes, magic wands do not exist in fitness and weight loss, If you want results …. you have to work hard otherwise your wish will always stay a wish.

Few years back I have interviewed Moomal Asif ,who is an excellent trainer and dietitian. Today i am introducing another Weight – loss expert Hina Iftikhar, She is an expert in this field. She is helping hundreds of Women, lose weight fast by being personally involved with each person for support in healthy eating, fitness workout videos, and continuous encouragement to help them reach their weight loss goals.
Hina is Masters in English and stuyding diet and nutrition from a renowned university these days. She is a housewife and the mother of a beautiful six year old daughter. Due to PCOS and infertility she has gained a lot of weight. Self study helped her fight obesity. She is one of the admins at the popular ladies Facebook group “Our Weight Loss Regime”. She is running a blog where she is sharing her experiences and tips about health and fitness . Link to her Blog is below:


I am grateful to her for sharing her experience in the field of health and wellness. She sheds light on the nutrition and diet, as well as shares her thoughts on why working as a weight loss expert is a job worth doing.

Self-confidence and weight loss are two interrelated axes. When you have high self-confidence you can lose weight easier because you believe in more excuses d1


Question: You have helped so many women through your fitness program. Please tell us what convinced
you to lead a healthy lifestyle, and what inspired you to turn it into a fitness program and form a group.

 I was skinny as a child, with puberty came pcos, insulin resistance and gradual gain in weight and other symptoms related to pcos such as thinning scalp. Initially,I made the same mistakes, starving to lose weight. I didn’t have proper understanding or knowledge of the science of fat loss. So I did what everyone does initially, go without food all day with minimal eating. Little did I know then that this is a metabolism killer and you not only stop losing weight but in fact gain even more.

Then eat less and workout more was my next step. Once again you start encountering weight loss plateaus, to overcome those, the trainer tells you to further reduce your intake and increase workout time. This soon leads to impractical and insane amount of workout and very less eating.

As I said earlier there are years of mistakes in ignorance and then years of self study that led to knowledge and ultimately adopting a healthy lifestyle. But despite following a healthy regime losing fats with PCOS and insulin resistance is very challenging. There comes a point in life where you realise despite loving and accepting your self the way you are, you need to do more. Although I ate clean and healthy and walked for one hour daily I was not losing fats. I started HIIT workout with very low carbs diet and lost 16 kgs and a whooping number of inches, 4 inches from chest, 6 from waist, 5 from lower abs, 3 from hips and 2 from thighs, in 1 year.

A friend and my former colleague’s daughter Maryam Rauf formed this group and added me as a member among other acquaintances. I had vast knowledge on the subject due to years of self study so I started writing posts. My command over language and my knowledge both are tools that makes my writings on different issues and topics relevant with the science of fat loss appealing to the readers. When Maryam’s commitments made it difficult for her to run the group actively, she requested Sundas and I, to run the group as admins. She knew both of us personally, and trusted enough to hand over the group to us. So being admin of the group was more of a chance or perhaps predestined.

no more excuses d

Question: Can you share your most effective diet plan with us.

Basically I do not believe in the so called conventional diets. In fact I am totally against following fad diets or starvation that women usually endure due to lack of knowledge. These can be harmful for vital organs, besides being metabolism killers these can bring onslaught of muscle loss, hair fall, brittle nails, weakness and aging.

I myself following ketogenic diet, because of insulin resistance due to PCOS.

But for generally otherwise healthy or more specifically people with no hormonal imbalance, it is advisable to have a nutritionally balanced, clean and healthy, limited calories, limited starches, 3-5 meals, meal plan with portion control based on approximately 1200 calories daily, to help them lose extra fat.

Click the diet plan for clear and enlarge image:


Question: What are some of the challenges you faced in the beginning, and what can those who want to start their weight loss journey learn from them?


Losing weight for me is very challenging due to insulin resistance, as each person varies, so does how your body responds to your efforts to lose weight varies. Mine is the most stubborn fat, but I have learnt to embrace myself the way I am. Despite the odds, I lost a considerable amount of fats, toned my muscles and adopted a positive attitude towards life. I learnt to remain calm in any level of stressful situations.

  • Patience and consistency help you go a long way. Unfortunately when we start making efforts to lose weight, the graph of expectations goes so high, that any initial disappointments lead to quitting the efforts. It takes time, patience, perseverance and a lot of commitment to overcome any obstacles in life including obesity.
  • Since we are talking about challenges, I will add something though not asked, but I want to share. When I and Sundas started off as admins, the group was literally dead. Although there were 2500 members at that time but no one posted, there were no comments on our posts and it literally seemed to Sundas and I, we were two last persons alive on a planet of dead. But we shared links, whatever we were reading currently. We shared motivational stories. And slowly we started getting member requests and new members were active and adding their friends and family members. Soon the activity on group became too much for us to handle. So we requested active group members with sound knowledge to help us. The group today has five active admins, and almost 60,000 members.

You can join Hina’s group for more details: OUR WEIGHT LOSS REGIME


Question: Although there are many things one can do to get fit, what are the most effective tips you would recommend for someone who is just starting out on a fitness journey?


Yes, there are many ways to reach the same goal. How do you decide which one to follow.

  • There are today doctors and nutritionists who advise medicine. There is the tried and tested eat less workout more. There are fad diets and there are starvation like self created diets.
  • I would always suggest your body is a sacred gift from nature and should never be abused. Least of all for a reason such as weight loss which can be achieved following a healthy regime. What can be better if by following clean and healthy eating and regular workout regime, you not only lose weight but also become healthier. Your immunity, strength and stamina increases. Your vital organs, your hormones, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, sleep, skin, hair, nails etc everything improves or comes in optimal levels.
  • Decide what is your real goal? Are you aiming for a short term goal or ready for lifelong commitment. For a lot of people trying to lose weight is a seasonal thing, just before their own or some relative’s wedding, they can be aiming at some reduction in inches. For this they usually have a bigger goal in short period of time. Stress over not losing weight makes it even worse as stress hinders fat loss, especially from stubborn fat areas.
  • On the other hand what actually should be is that every day you watch what you eat. A little checked or portion controlled indulgence is very much acceptable but generally every one whether obese or lean, whether young or old, should be following clean and healthy eating with regular workout.
no more excuses dd

Question: Many people give up early when they don’t see results. What motivates you to stick to exercising and eating healthy regularly?


Although the fat had accumulated over years, but when someone starts to make an effort to lose weight, the expectations of success are unrealistic. This leads to disappointment.

  • Set realistic goals. Do not over exert. It will take time, energy, effort, patience and perseverance but it will eventually happen. You will reach a realistic goal. Realistic in the sense that no one can beat nature and inheritance, if you are naturally pear shaped you can improve and bring your body into balance but if you hope to become hourglass, it will not happen. But you can improve your appearance within the realistic bounds. Strength training with eating right, can help you improve what nature has given you.
  • What really motivates me is the realization that today the science of weight loss has advanced, and there is more focus on fixing the metabolism rather than finding short time quick fixes. Or yoyo fad diets of the eighties era. I know that as long as my diet and workout regime is boosting my metabolism, I cannot go wrong. Weight loss is challenging for me due to pcos, but I am not competing with anyone. I am going at my own pace and happy that every small step is in the right direction.

Question: Basic obligations to our own bodies sometimes get neglected, as we can’t seem to find the time to fit them into our busy schedules. What is a typical day for you?


Life is indeed too short. With all the duties and many activities that we have each day, at times it comes down to actually setting your priorities straight.

  • I believe whether you are working or a homemaker or stay at home parent, or student, it is a pity if you cannot find the time to eat right and indulge in physical activity such as workout. It is as you said, an obligation to this sacred body to take good care of it.
  • We are actually not living an isolated life, our life is linked with so many other lives. Our health is vital, we can give care and proper nurturing to others only when we are ourselves healthy. So while your other duties take up a lot of your time, if you do not recharge and refresh yourself, your performance in those duties will be affected With obesity comes obesity related diseases. To ward off those I cannot stress enough to give your health and well being primary importance.
  • I workout three days a week, for half an hour, advance level HIIT workout, plus once a week pilates or yoga for thirty minutes. Alternate days workout, one day rest in between to give my body rest and time to recover and repair. I learnt this over time that when it comes to workout less is more.
  • I eat three keto meals with a little indulgence now and then.
  • A lot of my time daily goes to my Facebook group where I answer queries and write posts and share links. The rest of the day is for my lovely family.

Thank you Hina for giving your precious time to me and my readers your single word is useful for us.

I have read somewhere that,

“It’s up to you to decide in which category of people who want to belong; to weight loss winners or weight loss losers. If you think about it, it’s really that simple: you make the decision – set the target and work towards your goals or you just declare defeat and forget about it”.

no more excuses dd

I will recommend you to join her group and ask about your fitness problems from her. She will not only help you but also can design customized diet plans for you.




katwa mKatwa Ghost is a famous Traditional dish of Attock district. Attock is the last city of Punjab province. You can say border line before KPK province. You will see a lot of Pathans living in Attock district. This dish is basically originated from Chach, Mansahra, Haripur, Texila and Hazro Cities. On main G.T Road you will see a lot of road side hotels or dhabas serving Katwa. Kutwa is specialy served in special occasions here.

katwa 3

In Pathan families you will see as a compulsory dish in weddings. I first time tasted this dish in a Pathan friend’s wedding.

katwa 5

I asked the person making Katwa about the recipe. Katwa means “Clay Pot”. People use special clay pot and serve in clay plates. In some places people serve with Churi ( Flat bread in small pieces).

katwa 4

Here is an authentic recipe of KATWA.


Beef with bones1 kg
Ginger , fresh crushed1 tbsp
Garlic fresh crushed1 tbsp
Tomatoes3-4 large, chopped
Onion3 medium, chopped
Saltto taste
Red chili powder1 tbsp
Turmeric powder1 tsp
Whole spices mix1 tbsp
Green chilies, chopped8-10
Coriander leavesas needed
Ghee1 cup
Flour/ red flour/ chaki ka ata2 tbsp
Water 6 glasses or according to your requirement


  • Take beef with a little bit fat. Wash it.
  • In a clay pot add ghee and heat it, add all ingredients, add chopped green chilies half quantity, add all spices and water. Water you can adjust according to your requirement. In Attock beef takes 40-50 minutes to become tender. So i will add water according to my requirement.
  • Cover with lid and let it cook on low flame. When water dries, fry it on high flame. Now add water for gravy. Let it boil.
  • Add 1/2 cup water in flour, mix and add in meat.
  • It will become thick. Consistency is in your hand, you can adjust it.
  • Let it simmer for 10 minutes.
  • If you don’t want to add flour than serve just after frying.
  • Before serving sprinkle coriander and green chilies.
katwa d
  • Serve with Naans
naan katwa ddd

frozen paratha patties mFriends have you ever tried making patties with frozen parathas, If no than you should try it today. Because its not only easy but very close to puff pastry patties. Thou these patties are not exactly the same as puff pastry one but i must say these are super crisp and delicious.
You can make French hearts and baqar khani from these parathas too.
You can check the recipe of french hearts here: FRENCH HEART


frozen paratha patties d


Frozen Parathas of any needed
Chicken fillingas needed
Egg , beaten1


  • Prepare chicken filling from this recipe : Chicken fried sandwices.
  • Now take out frozen parathas and remove sheet, dust flour on surface and place on it. Let it thaw for few seconds and cut shape from cutter. Remove sheet on first place otherwise paratha will stick with sheet. In that case remove it and make a parah again and roll it.
  • Place filling and cover with another piece.
  • Brush egg wash and place on baking tray.
  • Bake at 180c till nice color appear.
  • Serve with ketchup.
frozen paratha patties dd

Gulab jamun ddGulab jamuns are most favorite sweet in Pakistan. I have posted gulab jamun recipe with powder milk a long ago but here is another very different but tasty recipe in which we will use powder milk but in different style.
Follow the same measurements and instructions, you will get soft Jamuns which your family will definitely adore.

Gulab jamun ddd.JPG 1


Flour1/2 cup and 1/4 cup
Semolina/ suji1/2 cup
Fresh Milk1/2 cup
Ghee1/2 cup
Powdered milk1/2 cup
Cardamom powder1/2 tsp and 3-4 for syrup
Egg, beatenless than half
Baking soda less than 1/4 tsp
Sugar1 cup
Water1 cup
Oil / ghee for frying as needed


  • Soak semolina in 1 cup water.
  • In a pot add milk and ghee and let it boil.
  • On first boil add powdered milk and stir vigorously.
  • Let it cook and dries milk.
  • Now discard water and add soaked semolina in milk mixture. Mix well.
  • Add flour in it and mix well. Keep the flame low.
  • After adding flour the mixture will become like a dough.
  • Let it cool down or keep it in fridge till cool completely.
  • Add cardamom powder in it, add less than half egg, less than 1/4 tsp baking soda,  1/4 cup flour in jamun dough.
  • Mix all well and make balls of equal size.
  • Fry jamuns in oil and, flame should be medium low.
  • Meanwhile in a pot add water , sugar and cardamom. Let it cook till sugar dissolve.
  • Put jamuns in sheera/ syrup and keep them in syrup for few hours.
Gulab jamun ddd
  • Enjoy 🙂
Gulab jamun d

cherh halwa mThis recipe is a family recipe, my mother and mother in law taught me. I am passing it to you because one of my reader asked me to share a recipe with CHERH, Cherh is a gum resin (just like gond ka tera). It is used to nourish your bones, if you are suffering from back pain so use this regularly. I will recommend to use this in winter season. Cherh is maily used for prevention of rheumatic disorder, back pain, helping in general weakness.
This Halwa is super dooper nutritious and healthy with a lot of benefits.


Suji/ semolina1/2 cup
Sugara little less than 1/2 cup
Poppy seeds2 tbsp
Desi Ghee/ Buttera little less than 1/2 cup
Cherh1/2 tsp
Almondas needed


  • In 1 tbsp ghee fry cherh, it will pop and become double in size. Drain on paper towel and grind it finely.Set aside. Use 1/2 tsp in halwa and store rest in a jar.
  • Soak Suji in water.
  • In a heavy bottom pan add sugar and 1 tbsp water. Melt sugar.
  • Now add ghee and stir, add suji in it. Mix well.
  • Add poppy seeds/ kashkas and mix well. Cook till ghee separates.
  •  Now add Cherh in halwa and mix, add almonds.
  • Serve hot.
cherh halwa d
  • Store in air tight box and keep in refrigerator. Take 1 tbsp daily in winters, in summers take 1 tbsp after 2 days.
  • Continuous use will give you a good and lasting result.
cherh halwa dd

oat haleem mOat is a whole grain powerhouse which is fully nutritious and rich in fiber. If you are willing to lose weight than add this grain in your meal. Overnight oats is a feel good start to the day topped with nuts and honey. If you are looking for Gluten free diet than you should add this in your diet.
Today i am sharing a desi style recipe with oats. Yes, you can make haleem from oats and enjoy with your family 🙂

One recipe is with homemade spices and other one is with ready made Haleem Masala.

oat haleem dd


Chicken with bones or breast pieceless than 1/2 kg or 2 breasts
Ginger garlic paste1 tbsp
Oil3-4 tbsp
Oats1 cup
Coriander seeds2 tbsp
Dried chilies2-3
Cardamom1/2 tbsp
Cinnamon stick1 piece
Cumin seeds1 tsp
Coriander leaves and green chiliesas needed
Chat Masalaas needed
Onion1 medium, sliced
Saltto taste
Red chili powder1 tsp


  • Boil chicken In 5 cups water , cook till tender and remove it from stock.
  • Add oats in the same stock and cook till soft. Shred chicken and add in oats.  Set aside.
  • In a pot add oil and fry onion till light brown color appear, add ginger garlic paste in it and cook for few seconds.
  • Dry roast all cardamom, coriander seeds, red whole chilies, cinnamon sticks , cloves and cumin, grind them. Use this haleem spice according to your taste, and store remaining in air tight jar.
  • Add all spices in oil and stir for few minutes.
  • Now add chicken oats mixture and mix well. You can add water if required.
  • Cook till desired consistency obtain.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves and chilies.
  • Serve hot.
oat haleem d


Chicken 4-5 pieces with bones.
Chicken broth/ stock2 cups
Instant Oats1/2 cup
Haleem masala2-3 tbsp or to taste
Olive Oil / vegetable oil2 tbsp
Green coriander and chiliesas needed


  • Boil chicken in 3 cups water and shred it, save chicken stock.
  • In a pot add 2 tbsp oil, add haleem masala any brand , i have used Shan , and stir for few seconds.
  • Add shredded chicken and saute for few seconds. Now add oats and stir.
  • Add chicken stock in it and let it cook till required consistency obtained.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves, green chilies and chat masala.
  • Squeeze lemon and enjoy.
oat haleem ddd

fried sandwich mI assure you this recipe is very different from other fried sandwiches and also very delicious. You can add this in your kid’s lunch box menus 🙂


Chicken, boiled and shred1/2 kg
Onion, chopped and squeezed2 large
Soya sauce1 tbsp
Black pepper1 tsp
Saltto taste
Green chilies, crushed1 tbsp
Chicken powder1 tsp
Ginger arlic paste1 tbsp
Milk1 cup
Bread slices8-10
Mayonaiseas required
Cucumber and tomatoes, choppedas required
Plain Flour1 and 1/2 tbsp


  • In a pan add oil and ginger garlic paste, saute for few minutes.
  • Rough chop onion and add in oil, fry till light brown, add green chilies and stir.
  • Add chicken and chicken powder. Mix well.
  • Add salt and flour, stir well for few minutes to remove flour smell.
  • Add milk and stir vigorously.  Cook till milk dries and than add black pepper and soya sauce. Mix well.
  • Let it cool.
  • Cut sides of bread and spread ketchup on slice. Spread chicken mixture on other slice and cover with ketchup spreaded slice.
  • Beat eggs and dip slices in egg  and than in crumbs.
  • Fry in medium hot oil.
  • After frying cut slices in triangle and spread mayonnaise on corner. Sprinkle cucumber and tomato chopped on edges.
  • This will give a very different taste to your sandwiches.
fried sandwich d
  • You can use this chicken filling in making chicken rolls, bread rolls and pizza also.
fried sandwich d4
  • You can freeze them and when just thaw and dip in egg and fry when required.
fried sandwichd3
  • Enjoy with any sauce and ketchup 🙂
fried sandwich dd

women day fomic flower mmThis post is dedicated to all my friends on Women Day 8th March 2017. Very easy method which you can make in no time. Arrange these flowers in a pot or make a bouquet.

women day fomic flower d2
  • You  need different colors fomic glitter sheets, hot glue gun, wooden skewer, green tape, Clay pot, Ribbons, Card board for making wishing cards.
  • I have used spray pant to color clay pot and let it dry.
  • Now take pieces of thrmopore and cover with green crape paper and insert in pot. Pot is ready.
  • Wrap sticks with green tape.
  • Make a flower on sheet and cut it, cut different colors. Take heart shape chocolate and stick it with glue gun, just use 1-2  drops to stick on flower.
women day fomic flower d1
  • Prepare all flowers.
women day fomic flower d
  • Cut cards and write wishes.
women day fomic flower d4


women day fomic flower d5
  • Arrange on pot or make a bouquet.



women day fomic flower d3
  • Present it to your Friends or Family 🙂
women day fomic flower dd

namaz mTeaching our Kids and teenagers to perform prayers, is a delicate and often stressful matter for families. My son is of 8 years now and I have started teaching him about prayers and its importance, Its satisfying to see him taking interest in performing Prayer. Last year has taken classes in AlHuda international, where they taught kids practically and visually.

namaz 1 namaz 2 namaz 3



namaz 4 namaz 5 namaz 6


namaz 7


I will post here few videos which will help you out for teaching Salah to your kids. Here are few important points which will be helpful for you.

Children must be instructed and encouraged to do salat from the ages of puberty, the same as adults. The saying of the prophet, “Encourage them in salat at 7 years and thump them at 10. If they don’t – lightly tap them (but not harsh).

Note the key word in the hadith above, “encourage”. What is it that would encourage our children to do anything?

They must want to do it. There must be some attraction or benefit they want to acheive.

So let them begin with knowing about Allah and who He is and why we want to be close to Him in Jennah (paradise).

Help them to read Quran in Arabic, and learn about the meaning of the words, as this will be something they will really benefit in later years, Inshallah.

Set the example for your children yourself. After all, when they see you do something, it is very likely they will try to copy you in all you do. Seeing you fasting, praying, giving charity, being patient, helping neighbors and all things Islam teaches us, sets the course for our children more than any video or lecture I could ever do.

1. Set the example
As is the case with all other good habits, parents, mentors, teachers, and others young Muslims look up to must be praying themselves. But we need to not only be offering our prayers. We must also truly reflect the level of concentration and commitment it takes, by praying on time, doing our best to focus, and offering the prayers diligently.

2. Establish prayer in the home
Kids learn faith first and foremost from the family and within the home. This is where prayer as a way of connecting to Allah needs to be discussed and shown in practice. Make it a habit to pray in congregation when going to the Masjid is not possible. Avoid having everyone pray in their own little corner of the house. Start today by designating one space of the home for this purpose.

3. Use technology
Texting is replacing talking among teens. Teens spend nearly an equal amount of time talking as they do texting each month. The feature is so important to them that if texting were no longer an option 47% of teens say their social life would end or be worsened.

They also say texting has advantages over talking because it offers more options, including multitasking, speed, the option to avoid verbal communication, and because it is fun – in that order, according to the study.
Text your teen when it’s time to pray. Encourage them to set up reminders on their cell phone to offer their Salah or download an app for this purpose. This will make it more fun and help weave prayer into their lives in a practical way.

4. Nudge them toward friendships with the prayerful
Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “a man follows the religion of his friend; so each one should consider whom he makes his friend” (Abu Dawud).

Observe which youth in your community are serious about their five daily prayers and wisely encourage your youth to befriend them. Those young Muslims who have successfully incorporated Salah as part of their lifestyle are role models, especially in this day and age, when myriad distractions pull our hearts and minds far, far away from God.

You can encourage friendships by planning playdates for younger kids. For older ones, praising the youth in question can offer the necessary nudge, as well as indirectly offering ways for the two to meet and hang out together, by for example attending the same events, weekend school, meeting as a family for dinner, etc.

5. Openly praise those who pray
If forging friendships with youth who pray is not possible, at least openly praise those who are diligent in fulfilling this obligation. Even as young Muslims become more independent with age, they still seek parental approval and appreciation. Praising a peer sends the message that you value Salah and that it’s important.

6. Don’t discourage even small steps toward prayer
True story: a 14-year-old in California had just finished praying Isha, something she had done most likely for the first time ever. Excitedly, she ran to her mother and told her about the 4,2, and 3 units she had offered, hoping she’d be proud. Instead, her mother scoffed, “that’s the small prayer. You’re supposed to offer 17 Rakat.”

This kind of discouragement kills initiative, to say the least. Prayer is a long-term commitment that requires the kind of dedication that’s hard to muster for many older people, let alone young people distracted by the ding of texts on their phone or other issues. Praise even the performance of a short, two-Rakat prayer, and encourage youth to take it to the next level.

7. Don’t discount strength in numbers
Whenever possible, pray in congregation with other Muslims outside of the family, especially other youth. This can be at weekend school, or even joining one of the prayers at a full-time Islamic school with the administration’s permission. This will show that prayer isn’t something “weird” that only you and your family do. Rather, it is something other young Muslims do regularly, as well.

8. Make prayer time parent time
At a parenting workshop I attended a few years ago, the speaker shared how she offered her children two types of reward for good behavior: a tangible treat or one-on-one time with each parent. She said she was surprised when the kids always chose time with their mother or father over a trinket.

Taking this into account, spend a few minutes after each prayer with your young Muslim connecting, asking or answering questions about an issue of concern, or simply making it a time for hugs, jokes, and lighthearted hanging out.
May Allah help you and guide you and your children, always – Ameen.




chocolate eclair dessert mDelicious, creamy and a guest pleaser. I must say this is very easy to make and turned out really yummy. Arrange all ingredients and just prepare in 20 minutes 🙂


Cooking chocolate of good quality200 g, chopped
Cream2 cups( milk pack, haleeb)
Coffee1 tsp
Biscuits2 half rolls (Marie or gluco)
Vanilla pudding1 packet
Milk2 cups
Chopped nuts/ chocolate curlsfor garnish (optional)


  • Arrange a layer of cookies/ biscuits in a dish.Set aside.
  • Boil milk in a pan and add pudding sachet in it. Mix well. Set aside.
  • In a micro wave save bowl add cream, chocolate, coffee and microwave till all things mix properly. You can use double boiler for this purpose. Let it cool a bit. It will become thick in consistency.
  • Now pour little hot pudding on biscuit layer. Do this step patiently, if you will pour pudding mix at once biscuits will come on the surface. So first pour little amount on each biscuit and then pour half pudding carefully.
  • Let it set for 5-10 minutes. Keep in refrigerator.
  • Now spread chocolate layer on pudding. Pour half mixture.
  •  Arrange a layer of biscuits on it. Pour pudding on biscuit layer. Spread chocolate layer on top.
  • Keep this in refrigerator for 2 hours.
  • You can make it in the morning and serve at night. More time more perfect result 🙂
chocolate eclair dessert 1
  • Make pattern with cream and serve.
chocolate eclair dessert 2
  • Yummm yummm
chocolate eclair dessert 3

zebra cake mZebra cake is very stylish and beautiful cake. I always enjoy making this cake for my kids.Try this and write about your experience in comment section below.


Flour2 cups
Eggs 4
Sugar1 cup (grind it)
Milk1 cup
Oil1 cup
Baking powder1 tbsp
Cocoa powder2 tbsp
Vanilla essence1 tsp


  • In a bowl add eggs and sugar , beat till creamy. Now add oil and milk and beat again. (Add milk in 1/2  quantity first if required more than add more)
  • Mix flour and baking powder and add in egg mixture, beat well and add vanilla essence. Batter should not be runny.
  • Divide batter in two portions and add coco powder in one portion. mix with spoon or beater.
  • Take a 9″ round pan and place paper liner, grease it now take a deep spoon like ladle and fill it with white batter pour in the middle of the pan.
  • Now take separate spoon and fill in cocoa batter in it. pour on white batter.
  • Do not tilt pan or spread with spoon. Just keep on pouring white and cocoa batter alternately till finish batter.
  • Place pan in Preheated oven at 180c till cake done.
zebra cake 1 zebra cake dd
  • Let it cool and remove from pan.
zebra cake d3
  • Enjoy with tea.
zebra cake d

You can watch this video for clear understanding of making Zebra strips.


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