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science project mI and my sons worked on this cute project for School’s Science Exhibition. We collected ideas from Google and combined all ideas to make ARCTIC REGION. Interesting thing for my kids was making Penguins, polar bear, seal from Polymer Clay. They enjoyed shaping clay into cute animals. I have arranged all animals in a Box.

science project d

I have used cotton to give snow effect. Polymer clay of blue color to show water.

science project 2

For Igloo, I have used coconut shell. Spread glue all over it and iron foamic sheet, it will become soft, quickly spread it tightly on coconut shell. Cut the extra sheet and make lines with black marker.

science project 4

Penguin making was so much fun for us.

science project 5




science project 9


science project 10


science project 12

Polar Bear was also looking adorable 🙂

science project 6


science project 3


science project 8


science project 7



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