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anda alwa manHalwas of different varieties are specialty of winter season.You will get a variety of Halwas in my kitchen. Here i am sharing my mother’s recipe. A lot of childhood memories are attached with this recipe.Very simple and healthy recipe.


Semolina/ suji1 cup
Sugar3/4 cup
Ghee3 tbsp heap


anda alwa 1

  • In a pan toast suji/semolina till light brown color appear.

anda alwa 2

  • In a bowl beat eggs and sugar and set aside.

ana alwa 3

  • In the same pan add ghee and cardamom, let it crackle.

anda alwa 4

  • Add eggs in it and stir constantly for few seconds.

anda alwa 5

  • Add suji and stir.

anda alwa 7

  • Keep on stirring.

anda alwa 8

  • It will start changing its color and corners of pan.

anda alwa 10

  • Add nuts and serve.
  • You can spread on greased tray and cut in different shapes too.

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