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The marriage customs in Pakistani and Indian cultures are similar.This i came to know from a very close friend of mine, Sharmeen Haris (from India) I would like to thank her for providing me a lot of pictures of her brother’s wedding and tempting dishes….:)
Here i am sharing a video of Indian marriage hope you will like it.(This is not Sharmeen’s brother video)

(Courtesy of google)

Yasmeen & Anwar | Indian Muslim Wedding from D-CAPTURE STUDIO on Vimeo.

10149899_847050581978410_373085541_n 10156963_847050578645077_1207337767_n

Packing Bidh for Nikkah in pouches. This is a very interesting thing to

10150899_847050471978421_2074953747_n 10156934_847051458644989_1813429754_n 10151631_847052581978210_440021941_nkjj


1903486_847051018645033_143073919_n 10157013_847050735311728_361238647_n

Above picture is of Dahi bara, Raita, all types of salads and chutneys.WOW…..:)



10153560_845853458764789_23688631_nCHICKEN ROAST



10150091_847051448644990_739777540_nCHICKEN GRAVY AND NAANS

1460994_846722375344564_1317375773_nDINNER SERVED IN GENTS SIDE

1624731_847050741978394_1256522101_nDINNER SERVED IN LADIES SECTION

10168914_847050585311743_732766191_nSOUNF, MISRI AND OTHER ACCESSORIES.

10168902_847051451978323_1147191149_nGARMA GARAM JALEBI

10153526_847051445311657_716457998_nCHOCOLATE MOUSSE

All the dishes were mouthwatering. Thank you Sharmeen Haris once again for sharing tempting pictures.. 🙂


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