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Salam (peace and blessings be upon you). I am Ainy, the girl behind the computer who absolutely loves to cook and talk about it.

Raised in the city of joy Karachi, but moved to Attock after getting married. My wonderful husband is the most co-operative man, a graphic designer by profession and without his support I wouldn’t have been able to start this website.

M.Sc by qualification but a home maker by choice. A former teacher but learning to cook. You can say I am a cook under training. I grew up watching my mother cook and experiment on new things in the kitchen. She passed away few years ago from cancer, but left behind some great memories. I will always miss her…

I am a mother of two cute little boys who bring me so much joy. Sure they drive me crazy but I am also crazy in love with them, they make life worth living and I am so grateful to have them in my life.

My two boys, Zain Rehman (left) and Ali Rehman (right)


When I was a kid, I loved to put together food. I made Loki ki kheer when I was just 12 years old (the taste was not that good though… lol), but then I got busy with my studies and work after that  didn’t cook much at all. But when I got married and was able to stay at home, I began to reacquaint myself with my kitchen and my love of cooking.

I am not an expert like some other chefs you watch on TV but I am learning a little more everyday. I always try to do my best to fix a good meal for my family. I will quote Julia Childs words here:

I think the inner person is the most important..I would like to see an invention that keeps the mind alert. That what’s important.

I also believe in experimentation and am passionate about new inventions.

Sharing recipes, connecting with readers and making lots of friends along the way has been so much fun for me. And taking pictures of the food I make is almost as much fun as eating it.

I love sharing my ideas so that others can make memories with their families and friends. I hope something you find on this website will help you experience the satisfaction of creating.

I appreciate your comments and emails and always try my best to be prompt in my reply. Stay blessed…

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  1. Salam !
    I feel respect for your talents in culinary matters. I learned many recipes from your blog.
    Your husband is lucky that he got you as a wife.
    Please try to shift to Karachi or USA as talents of your husband being computer guy will reap more benefits there.
    Also you will be more happy there.
    With respect for both of you.
    Allah hafiz

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