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wood-art-mmPyrography is derived from the Greek pur (fire) and graphos (writing) , has been around since fire itself. This ART is still rare among fine art media but it’s beauty continues to fascinate most of us.
Once you catch the “Burning Fever” you will soon discover that a beautiful design can be created using just one tool and few strokes will open a new dimension to your finished work.. Its a lot more than just a dark brown outline on a piece of wood.


It was a great surprise for me to see a Pakistani lady of just 30 years old, doing Pyrography Art beautifully. I saw her post in a group, where she was explaining all readers about her skills and easy method of wood burning. I believe when talented women have a confidence to actively use their skills and talents, without holding themselves back, success will be their fate.


One of the best way to encourage other women outside of their comfort zone is to introduce them to these inspirational and talented females.

I am grateful to Maria for sharing her experiences with us openly.



Q1. Please introduce yourself and where you currently live.

Maria: My name is Maria Patel known as UmmeZakaria ( Zakaria’s mom) from Karachi and I Live in USA with my family .

Q2. How would you describe your work. What is wood burning?

Maria: Most of pyrography Art is either drawing or calligraphy , I like to combine both together. my main focus is writing beautiful verses from Quran and Masnon Duas , so we can implement them in our lives.
My Art pieces are also slightly different than other pyrography art projects because I burn slightly deeper which create engraving in wood and you can’t erase or remove it.




Q3. How you started your work. Who are your influences?

Maria: Someone introduced this art to me by sharing her art pictures but she didn’t shared the process of doing so I searched online and started my own and Alhumdulilah here I am 😊
Influences, hmmm….. basically every Artist who deliver good work of Art, inspires me . There is no particular name who I follow.





Q4. Please share your working process with us.

Maria: Sure ! I am sharing some videos and Before starting my work ,I Always follow these steps;

1. Always keep the kids away.

2. Always wear safety goggles.

3. Use respirator ( for lungs safety )

4. Do it in open Air.

5. Never do it on treated ( painted, vanished) wood

You need to buy soldering pen or iron but I have used screwdriver tip to carve wood just to show you that you can do it at home easily. But you should be very very careful.

Q5. What is the best way to follow you and order you.?

Maria:  If you would like to purchase one of my original wood burnings, check out these galleries and contact me here:
Facebook :
Instagram: Umme_Zakaria

My online store address is :
Recently I’m only shipping within USA , InshaAllah soon I will start shipping around the world.



InshAllah Maria, thank you so much for introducing this art with my readers. I also will try to do this at home 🙂


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