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independence day dGreetings!
Pakistan Broadcasting Service. We are speaking from Lahore. The night between the thirteen and fourteen of August, year forty seven. It is twelve o’clock. Dawn of Freedom.”
I can still feel the happiness, joy and excitement which was in this announcement by Mustafa Ali Hamdani, who announced through Radio Pakistan Lahore on August 13, 1947 pm in Urdu first then in English.
14 August should conjure up feelings of Freedom and Patriotism. From sacrifices of our ancestors to the present time, it is a celebration of the birth of our homeland PAKISTAN.
Pakistanis suffered a lot, because of Terrorism and bad governance. Specially we can not forget 16 December 2014. Darkest day in the history of Pakistan when terrorists attacked Army Public School and brutally killed around 150 innocent kids along with teachers. We are Pakistani with strong Will and Capabilities to beat the terrorists. After 16 Dec the whole Nation stood up to make this country a land of Peace and Stability.
I am very much relieved that due to continuous efforts of Pakistani Forces, Terrorists activities are now reduced.
We are looking for a Better and Prosper Pakistan for our future generations.

independence day dd
My recipe is a special one on this special day. Green velvet Cake or cupcake is a perfect treat to celebrate our INDEPENDENCE DAY.

Green velvet cake m


Flour2 -1/2 cups
Sugar (grind it)2 cups
Butter milk1 cup
Oil3/4 cup
Vinegar1 tbsp
Baking soda1 tsp
Cocoa powder1 tbsp
Vanilla essence1 tsp
Green food colourfew drops


  • Pre heat oven at 150c and grease pan.
  • In a bowl beat eggs till fluffy now add oil, vinegar, butter milk, vanilla essence and food color. Beat well.
  • Mix flour, baking soda, sugar, cocoa and salt.
  • Add all dry ingredients into egg mixture.
  • Beat well and pour in cake pan or muffin pan and bake them at 180c for 20-25 minutes.
  • Let them cool completely.
  • Spread Cheese frosting and serve.

green velvet cake d

green velvet cake dd

Our founder Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said:

Development is being sought in every walk of life and you have to take on this
process of development. Are you preparing to take on tomorrow’s
responsibilities? Are you building your capacity? Are you trained enough? If
no, then go and prepare yourself because this is the time to prepare yourself
for future responsibilities.”

We are looking for a brighter future for our kids. May Allah protect this homeland. Ameen.


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