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life hacks mYou can freeze your Pakora mixture… sounds amazing. Yes! It was an interesting thing for me. I never freeze pakoras or left over batter before. I saw this technique posted my a friend Mahwish Uzma Khan in a group, I asked her experience and tips, which I am sharing with you.

  • If you have left over pakora mixture, pour in any mold and freeze it.

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  • If you want to save your time and want to avoid oil fried things than just make pakora mixture and pour in any mold. Freeze it. Take them out place on baking tray and bake till brown and crispy. You can fry in less oil too, place freeze pakoras in medium heated oil. Do not fry in hot oil, freeze pakoras will absorb oil.
  • Mahwish is a working lady and she normally freeze different food items in the same way, like she told me that she freeze Palak/ spinach pokoras too. After dipping in batter place on a tray lined with butter paper. When become hard remove from paper and store in a zip lock or airtight box. Fry in warm oil or bake it.

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  • She freezes Basan roti also, roll them and place them on butter paper, Freeze. When needed just take them out and thaw for just few minutes and fry in oil. Enjoy with chatney.

life hacks dd

  • These are few life hacks from Mahwish, hope you will try and give me your feed back.

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