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abd mThis special cake i made on my son Ali’s 7th Birthday.Thou It was on 19th April and i am late in posting this divine recipe of Chocolate Cake ,which is basically Martha Stwert recipe but its never too late :). I have covered this cake with fondant and my theme was Ali’s favorite , Dinosaur.

abd dlight

It was that day you were born,

The Day I first laid my eyes on you,

My throat constricted with emotion,

World was suddenly brand and new,

I felt blessed and happy and ecstatic,

All appeared afresh like drops of dew,

That magical moment and since then,

Iā€™ve always loved and cherished You.

Happy Birthday to my Adorable son


It was a memorable moment for my son to celebrate his birthday with his friends and teacher in school.


My younger son celebrating his brother’s birthday šŸ™‚





Flour3 cups
Cocoa powder1 cup
Baking soda1 tbsp level
Baking powder1 and 1/2 tsp
Oil3/4 cup
Butter milk1 cup
Warm water1 cup
Vanilla essence1 tsp
Sugar ,grind it3 cups


  • Preheat oven at 150c. Grease cake pan.
  • In a large bowl sift flour, baking powder, baking soda, cocoa and pinch of salt.Add sugar.
  • In this dry mixture add, butter milk, eggs, warm water, vanilla essence one by one. Beat till smooth.
  • Pour in baking pan and bake at 180c till done. Let it cool completely.
  • Roll fondant and spread butter cream on cake then cover cake with fondant. Cut excess fondant.
  • I have used cutters to make HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALI.
  • Make theme of your choice and serve šŸ™‚

a b d1


  • I have used Marshmallow fondant for making flowers and wishing letters.






abd d3


  1. thespiceproject says:

    So sweet, cakes made with love! Happy birthday to your son, the cake looks lovely!

  2. Salam alaykum…my dear is it your efforts for those halal haram ingredients list….but may I just point out have you not known yet that birthday celebration is not from islam….please research origins of cake celebrations and birthday celebrations….it was used to feed gods astaghfirullah

    • Qurat ul Ain says:

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my website and as I always mentioned I am a learner and learning things from you all. Its good to read your thoughts about birthday celebrations. I will now research it myself.

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