tikka handi mChicken Tikka is one of the most favorite bbq dish in Pakistan. Today i am sharing Tikka handi with you. Delicious and easy. Must try it and give me your feedback.


  • Chicken                             1/2 kg
  • Ginger garlic paste         2 tsp
  • Red chili powder             1 and 1/2 tsp
  • Salt                                     to taste
  • Turmeric powder            1 tsp
  • Cumin seeds                     1 tsp, roasted and crushed
  • Black pepper powder      1 tsp
  • Yellow food color             1/4 tsp
  • Lemon juice                      4 tsp
  • Oil                                        2 tbsp
  • Yogurt                                 1 cup
  • Onion                                  2 , chopped
  • Tomatoes                           2, chopped
  • Cream                                 1/2 cup
  • Oil                                        1/2 cup
  • Piece of coal                       to give smoke


  • In a bowl add chicken, ginger garlic paste, Red chili powder, salt, turmeric powder, black pepper, food color, lemon juice. Mix well and marinate it overnight. keep it in fridge.
  • Next day in a pot add oil and cumin seeds, saute for few seconds. Add onion, fry till light brown.
  • Add tomatoes and fry for few seconds and add red chili powder 1/4 tsp. Stir constantly till tomatoes become soft.
  • Add marinated chicken in it stir for few seconds and add beat yogurt in it. Mix well and cover with the lid.
  • Cook till chicken tender and oil separates.
  • Burn coal on stove and give smoke.
  • Garnish with cream and coriander leaves and chilies.
  • Serve with NAANS.
tikka handi d
  • Enjoy this finger licking dish with your family.
tikka handi dd

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