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This is my most favorite recipe, I tried this myself and found it very delicious ,but i will recommend you to take it oven hot because as soon as it will become cold cheese will loose its taste.


pizza dough   as needed

cheddar cheese slices  as needed

chicken filling :

boiled chicken   1 cup

boiled carrot   1 small n shredded

capsicum     1  small

sabut dhania   1/2 tsp  freshly crushed

zeera    1/2 tsp   freshly crushed


black pepper  1/2 tsp

crushed red chilli  1/4 tsp


In a pan add 1 tbsp oil and saute chicken , add all other ingredients mix well now make a thin roti of dough and place filling in center and place cheese slice on filling, 2 slices will be enough  then overlap both sides of roti.

Now cut thin slices of cheese and place on top, can add capsicum slices also then bake at 160c till cheese melt…

Take out the roll and cut in slices, you will see cheese oozing out from bread ,enjoy hot bread with ketchup….. 🙂

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