raita mIn summer season i love to make mint Raita with rice dishes. Its very refreshing and have digestive properties in it.


  • Mint leaves      1/2  cup
  • Yogurt               1 cup
  • Green chilies    2
  • Black salt           1/4 tsp
  • Salt                      to taste
  • Cumin seeds     1/4 tsp


  • In a blender add all ingredients and 2 tbsp yogurt. Blend them to make a smooth paste.
  • Mix this paste in remaining yogurt.
  • Serve with Rice, Samosas, Parathas etc.

spce mGram masala / all spice powder is one of the essential spice in Pakistani cooking.I recommend you to make it at home, its not at all difficult. I am sharing my 100 times tried recipe here which is basically Shireen aunty’s recipe.


White cumin seeds1/2 cup
Whole black pepper1/4 cup
Cloves1 tbsp
Black cardamom6 nos
Green cardamom10-12 nos
Mace (javitri) 1 tsp
Nutmeg (jaifil)1/2 seed
Cinnamon6 nos


  • Grind all in grinder .You can roast cumin seeds if you like to.
  • Sieve powder and store in air tight bottle.
spce d



IMG_7059mainThis traditional recipe of raw mango pickle/ Keri ka achar is a gift for me from my Maid Saima, Yes under her supervision i made this pickle and believe me this recipe is super easy and all those who are new in this cooking field must try this recipe without fear..:)
This Pickle is a popular condiment normally serves with Dal Chawal, Parathas etc.



Raw mangoes/ Keri5-6 medium size
Turmeric powder1 tbsp heaped
Red chilli flakes1 tbsp
Red chilli powder1/2 tbsp
Fenugreek seeds/ methi dana1 tbsp
Fennel seed/ Saunf2 tbsp
Nigella seeds/ kalonji1- 1/2 tbsp
Mustard seeds/ rai dana (optional)1 tbsp
Mustard oilas needed
Saltas needed


  • Wash  raw mangoes and then dry them properly.
  • Cut them in small pieces and remove the seed.
  • Toss them with turmeric powder evenly and place these pieces in a clay pot ( it will give a different aroma to your pickle).
  • Now keep them in sunlight for a day or 2.
  • Now add all pickle spices in mangoes and toss them, again cover with muslin cloth and keep in sunlight for 2 days.
  • Pour mustard oil in it and store in sterilize jars.
  • She gave me a tip that after making pickle keep on shaking the bottle daily for a week. All spices will mix properly.
  • You can coarsely ground pickle spices , its up to you..:)



This yogurt sauce is very refreshing and i always like to serve this with Biryani, BBQ food and filled parathas.Here it is Hara Masala Raita…:)


Coriander leaves1/2 cup
Mint leaves1/4 cup
Yogurt1 cup
Green chillies2
Cumin seeds1/2 tsp
Garlic clove1


  • Wash leaves of Coriander and Mint.
  • In a grinder add all ingredients with 2 tbsp yogurt and grind till smooth paste obtained.
  • Now add this in beaten yogurt and

I remember the taste of special red color chutney which was normally given with samosas in Pakistan.But Now you will rarely find this chutney. One of my friend asked me to make the same  Chutney, fortunately  once i have asked a samosa seller about the recipe of this tempting sauce.So here it is a very easy and tasty Sauce for Samosas.


Dried apricots 5-6 no
Tomatoes2 medium
Red chilli powder1 tsp
Saltta taste
Sugarto taste
Vinegar2 tbsp
Red food color ,optionalfew drops


  • Soak washed  apricots overnight,next morning remove seeds.
  • Add in pan with all other ingredients and cook till tender.Do not add water on this stage. Keep Flame low.
  • When cooked remove from flame and Let it cool down add then blend it.
  • Again transfer in the pan and add a lit bit of water.
  • Cook for 5 more minutes and then remve from stove.Let it cool down.
  • Strain with a strainer to avoid tomato seeds,if any.
  • You can add water for required consistency.
  • But if adding water cook it again for 5 minutes after adding water.
  • Store in a bottle for 2-3 weeks in refrigerator.
  • Serve and enjoy with Samosa.

IMG_0711MAINIn Filipino culture, the mother is known as the “ilaw ng tahanan” or light of the home, signifying her role in nurturing her family and creating warm memories for everyone.
I can’t forget the taste of Basen parathas which my mother was making…Those who are on diet can add these yummy parathas in their diet plan.


Wheat flour1 cup
Gram flour1/2 cup
Onion small ,thinly sliced1
Green chillies,chopped2 small
Fresh coriander leaves2 tbsp
Saltto taste
Red chili powder1 tbsp
Whole coriander seeds,crushed1 tsp
Cumin seeds,crushed1/2 tsp
Anar dana/pomegranate seeds1/4 tsp(optional)
Oil/gheefor frying and 2 tbsp for adding in the flour.


  • Mix all ingredients in flours and knead with water.
  • Set a side for 1/2 hour and make parathas.
  • Make impressions with fork or knife, if you like.
  • Serve hot with green chateney.




Fresh coriander1 cup
Mint leaves1/2 cup
Imli pulp/ tamarind 2 tbsp
Saltto taste
Ginger1/2 tsp
Cumin seeds1/4 tsp


  • Blend all ingredients and serve.



IMG_0657mainIts better to make healthier, tastier and cheapest version at home instead of buying it from market.At home you can make ketchup without any food color or preservatives which obviously are not good for health. One of my relative (Shazia ) gave me this recipe , from that day i am usin this recipe with a lot of variations..:)


Red Ripe Tomatoes1 kg
Vinegar1 cup
Water1/4 cup
Sugar1 cup
Salt to taste
Red chilli powder1 tbsp
All spice powder/ garam masala powder1/2 tsp


  • Add Red chilli powder , all spice powder and tomatoes in a deep pan and cook till tomatoes  become soft and mashy.
  • Let it cool down and with a strainer,strain the mixture.You can use muslin cloth also for straining.
  • Discard tomatoes skin and seeds.
  • Transfer smooth pulp in a pan and add vinegar,sugar and salt.
  • Cook till required consistency obtained.Let it cool down and store in sterilize bottles.



I think homemade caramel sauce is a great treat for kids.Use this sauce in poke cakes and as topping etc.Easy …delicious …and multi purpose sauce…:)


Water1/4 cup
Cream1/2 cup
Vanilla essence2 drops.


  • Add sugar and water in a pan and on low flame let it melt as soon as sugar dissolves and turn into light brown in color remove from stove.
  • Let it cool for a while and add cream and vanilla essence , It will be solidify but do not worry and keep on stirring with hand whisk.
  • Place it again on stove and keep on stirring till mix completely and smooth consistency achieved.
  • Now let it cool and store in air tight jar and refrigerate it.
  • Before using warm it or you can stir cream in it and use it.


Carrots are rich in beta carotene which is a strong antioxidant that can prevent cancer. It is loaded with vitamin A which is good for eyesight and also promotes good vision. You can give raw carrots in a form of raita to your kids, serve this with rice, roast or parathas.


Carrot grated1 cup
Yogurt1 cup
Saltto taste
Mustard seeds1/2 tsp
Green chili1 large
Cumin powder(roasted)1/2 tsp
Oil1 tbsp


  • Beat yogurt and add salt and grated carrots, mix well.
  • In a pan add oil 1 tbsp oil and fry mustard seeds for few seconds now add chopped green chillies for 2-3 mins stir it, pour this on Carrot raita. Mix well.
  • Sprinkle cumin powder (freshly powdered), it will give a very nice aroma and flavor.


Previously I’ve  posted BONDI RATIA recipe from Shireen Anwer’s cookbook, but this one is my own creation. You can say that just twisting of few ingredients can give you a different flavor….:)


Bondi /gram small dumplings.1/2 cup
Yogurt1 1/2 cups
Saltto taste
Red chili powder1/2 tsp
Black salt1/4 tsp
Sugar1/2 tsp
Dry mint powder1/2 tsp
Roasted zeera powder1/2 tsp
Fresh coriander leavesfew


  • Soak bondi in water and when become soft squeeze water with your hands.
  • Add all ingredients in yogurt and mix well.
  • Add bondi in it and fold with light hands.
  • Serve with rice, bhurtas or any dish you want….:)
  • I have used mint powder, just dry mint leaves and crush with hands, store in any air tight bottle, use in raitas.


My mother used to make this on stone grinder. She always said you can’t get good taste in electric grinder. And like all new age girls I did not like to waste my time or energy in grinding on stone just for taste.. lol. But now when I started cooking myself, the difference between stone and electric grinders and their end product’s taste became very clear. So I will encourage you all to try stone grinding and see for yourself.


Pudina Leaves 1 cup
Hara Dhania 2 tbsp
Hari Mirch 2
Zeera 1/2 tsp
Salt as desired
Garlic Cloves 2
Imli Pulp 1/2 cup


  • Add all ingredients in blender and grind them.
  • Don’t use water, imli pulp is enough for grinding. If required use only a few drops of water.
  • You can serve it with a lot of things e.g., samoosa, pakoraz, allo parathaz and so many thing..


IMG_2713Mint is very useful for digestion and the aroma gives you a fresh feeling. I have grown this in my container garden, beautiful green color with fresh smell always gives me pleasure.


Mint/Podina handful
Green Chillies 2
Amchour Powder 1/4 tsp
Salt as desired
Dahi 1 cup


  • Mix all ingredients in a blender and grind them (do not use water)
  • Serve with grilled meats or fried food…


Side dish with pulao on my dinning table. If you lightly rub zeera on your palm and then add in dahi, it will give you a very good aroma and taste.


Dahi 1 cup
Salt as desired
Zeera (roasted n crushed) 1 tsp


  • Mix all ingredients and serve with pulao or biryani ..


 This is my mother’s recipe. In summers she used to make this and kept on telling us that eating loki is a sunnat of Hazrat Muhammad (pbup),  try and give me your feed back.


Dahi 1 pao
Loki (round shaped) 1 small
Onion 1  small
Salt as desired
Chat Masala 1/2 tsp
Lal Mirch 1/2 tsp
Hara Dhania as desired
Podina as desired
Hari Mirch (thinly sliced) as desired
Zeera 1 tsp
Oil 2 tbsp


  • Shred loki and boil it for 10 mins.
  • Then squeeze water of loki with your hands and set aside.
  • Pour dahi in a bowl and add salt, chat masala, lal mirch, hara dhania, hari mirch, podina and chopped onion and mix all.
  • Now add loki and mix well.


  • Pour oil in pan and add zeera in it as soon as it starts crackling pour on raita
  • Serve with chapati or rice.


I learned this recipe from my mother in law. She thinks its better to make hygienically clean yogurt at home and I totally agree with her. In summer I make this at home daily.


Milk 1 cup
Dahi 1 tbsp
Powder Milk 1 tbsp


  • Add dahi with luke warm milk in a bowl and mix with spoon.
  • Now let it rest for few hrs(after 2-3 hrs).
  • Then add powder milk in it and mix with very light hands.
  • Keep in fridge to set.


Hot and spicy chutney ,which you can serve with aloo paratha or any rice dish.Those who like spicy food they will definitely like this chutney. My mother like to grind this in stone grinder ,if you can use it at home then i recommend you to use this.


whole red chilli     1 cup

tomatoes   1/2 cup


sugar    1/4 cup

white vinegar  1/4 cup



In a pan add all ingredients, do not use water .When start boiling then slow down flame and wait until sauce thickens .

Remove from flame and blend them smoothly…. you can keep it in fridge for 2 weeks in airtight bottle.