My mother used to make these parathas in winter. And believe me if you will take these with podina dahi chatney, you will find them so tasty. Podina will make radish digest easily.


Plain Flour

Knead above ingredients well.

Filling for parathas:

Molli/Radish 2 large
Green Chilli (chopped) 2 small
Hara Dhania 2 tbsp
Salt as desired
Crushed Red Chilli 1/2 tsp
Zeera (roasted and crushed) 1 tsp


  • Peel off the skin of moli and then grate it.
  • Now with both hands squeeze the grated radish and add all other ingredients and mix well.
  • Make parathas in ghee on slow flame.
  • Serve hot with podina chatni or hara dhania chatney.


This is my mother’s special dessert. She used to include this in her eid menus. I don’t know from where she took this recipe, but one thing is  sure that you will love it if you are a sweets lover.


Dessicated Coconut 1 cup
Sugar Powder 1/2 cup or as desired
Ghee 2 tbsp
Illaichi (crushed) 4
Eggs 3
Cream 1/2 pack


  • In a pan add ghee and illaich and let it crackle.
  • Now add coconut in it, but flame should be very low. Fry it till light golden.
  • Now add sugar but add in small quantity first, then mix
  • Now check if you required more then add sugar again.
  • Add beaten eggs in it and mix well.
  • Cook till smell of eggs is gone.
  • Now add cream in the end and mix well till ghee separates from mixture.

Note: You can spread it on butter paper and cut in shapes or present as I did. You can add food colour as well if you like.


I can never forget the taste of my mother’s dal ghost dish, she use to give tarka of  brown onion in the end ,the aroma of that bhagar i can’t forget.


mutton 1/2 kg

daal   1  cup soak in water

onion   chopped   2

tomato  chopped   2


red chilli powder   1 tbsp

dhania powder   1tsp

haldi  1/2 tsp

garam masala  powder  1tsp

cloves   4-5

ginger garlic paste  2 tsp

oil  1 cup

green chillies  3-4

green coriander   for garnishing


In a pot add oil and onion ,fry till brown ,now add g/g paste and tomatoes stir constantly till tender ..Add all spices except garam masala powder ,stir all and add mutton ,let the meat change its color then add 1 glass water and let it cook till meat tender now add daal and 1 cup water , again cover with lid . Let it cook till daal done and oil separates ….now sprinkle garam masala ,hara dhania and hari mirch…..let it simmer for 5 mins and serve with naan,chappati or rice.



My mother’s special chat , I saw her making this chat in Quran khuanis and eids, although she was making chats with different methods but this was her famous one , she was using roasted crushed cumin seeds.


white chana boiled    2 cups
imli pulp   1/2 cup (to ur taste)
crushed red chill   1 tsp
crushed zeera    1 tsp
chat masala  1 tsp
sugar   1 bsp
boiled potatoes  1 large (boiled n diced)
onion slices 1
hara dhania
hari mirch
tomato  1 chopped

In a bowl mix all ingredients ,mix half hara masala also. Mix well,i will recommend u to make it 1 hrs prior potato n chanas will absorb masala ,before serving garnish with remaining hara masala and tomatos…..