smoothie mI am thankful to my lovely student “Maryam Hassan” who came up with her triple berry smoothie after my today’s post Strawberry Smoothie. I must say her recipe is very healthy and delicious.


Almond Milk 1/2 cup
Blue berries
Black berries
Mrm flex n whey protein powder
Honey (optional)


  • Blend them in the blender with ice and its taste fantastic. I promise u will be addicted.
  • Instead of whey protein add 1/2 cup milk.
flax whey
  • Maryam has used frozen berries.
berry mix


  • Enjoy delicious smoothie. Thank you Maryam for sharing your recipe with my readers.

s milk mSeason of strawberries is about to end so do not forget to try this delicious chunky strawberry smoothie today :). You can add condensed milk and cream to give a creamy texture to your drink.


Milk1 glass
sugar/ honeyto taste
Cream (optional)1 tbsp


  • In a blender add all ingredients and blend. If you are on diet then skip sugar and cream.
  • Serve immediately.
smilk d


S SHAKE MFresh strawberries and milk a perfect combination of Protein and Vitamin. I know your kids will love this creamy textured chunky shake.


Milk1 glass
Condense milk2 tbsp or to taste


  • Wash strawberries and remove leaves.
  • Pour milk n blender, condensed milk and strawberries. Blend well.
  • Serve and enjoy 🙂


strawb mThis juice is with Pakistani touch. Yesterday when i made this my son who is a big strawberry lover asked me to add Red Sharbet (jam e sheren) in the juice. Believe me the taste was too good. Hope you will also try..:)

strab d


Sugar2 tbsp or to taste
Saltto taste
Red Sharbet (Rohafza or jam e sherin)2 tbsp
Water 3/4 glass


  • Take washed and hulled strawberries.
  • Put in a blender with sugar and salt .
  • Blend and ad red sharbet in it. Blend again.
  • Serve immediately.
straw d r

lemon grass mOne of my Cousin Uzma Shehzad able to lose her weight 20 kgs in a year. I am grateful to her for sharing her diet plans, specially Lemon grass tea. Today I am sharing Lemon grass tea recipe thou it won’t miraculously cause you to lose weight in short time but it works as an effective resolution for your digestive problems. This is a detox drink for our body.
Rapid weight lose programs are risky I will highly recommend you to include healthy food in your diet along with 30 minutes of exercise.
According to Uzma Shehzad she excluded Flour made food, Rice, Sugar and all aerated drinks ( Carbonated drinks). She included 30 minute brisk walk in her daily routine.
Its better to drink this herbal tea either before meal which will help you feel less hungry or after meal it will help you to digest your food and limit weight gain.

lemon grass


Lemon grassfew sticks 3-4
Water1 cup
Green tea leaves1/4 tsp
Anise flower1
Honeyto taste


  • Boil 1 cup water, add lemon grass, green tea and anise star flower.
  • Give 1 or 2 boils and turn off the flame.
  • Cover with the lid for 5 minutes.
  • Strain and add honey . Ready to drink.
  • If you do not want to add anise flower then skip this.


d p mDoodh Patti Chai is a dhaba style karak tea.Doodh patti dhabas have always been a regular feature of whole country.Ladle is a basic thing which they use to mix milk and tea leaves. That is what makes Doodh Patti a delight. Doodh Patti and layered Parathas or Plain Tea cake are famous combinations.

d p stall


Milk1 cup
Water2 tbsp
Sugar1 tbsp or to taste
Tea leaves1 tsp


  • In a pan add milk,water, cardamom, sugar and tea leaves.
  • Cook and stir constantly with a small ladle or spoon. Cook till nice color appear.
  • Serve with Paratha or Tea cake.
dp dd


COFFEE M I am a big coffee lover. When i tried coconut homemade creamer coffee i fell in love with the aroma and deliciousness of this coffee. I will highly recommend this coffee if you are diet and health conscious. I read somewhere coconut oil can burn fat of body. Now , this i do not know exactly but no doubt it is healthy.


Coconut milk1 cup
Honeyto taste
Vanilla essence few drops
Edible coconut oil2 tsp melted


  • Combine all ingredients in a blender and mix well. Now add in coffee and enjoy coconut scented coffee.


Coconut Coffee:

  • Brew coffee (just half cup of  black coffee)  and add coconut milk creamer according to your taste. Add sugar or honey to adjust sweetens.


alm milk mainHot chocolate is a coziest drink of winter and if you will top it with marshmallows then you will definitely attract your kids…:)


Almond milk1 cup
Cocoa2 tbsp
Sugar / Honeyto taste
Marshmallowsas needed


  • Mix all ingredients in a pan and stir to combine all ingredients.
  • Warm milk not boil.
  • Top with mallows and serve immediately.



Almond (soaked overnight)
1/4 cup
Dates (pitted)2
Cinnamon powderpinch


  • Blend all ingredients till smooth and creamy,  strain it.
  • Use this milk. You can store in fridge for 2-3 days.

Red velvet hot chocolate

hot coco manVery healthy and delicious drink , warm up your winters and satisfy your craving of chocolate with red velvet cocoa .Your kids will love this hot chocolate.


Milk2 cups
Beet root1 small
Sugar/ honey2 tbsp or to taste
Milk chocolate/ good quality cocoa3-4 tbsp
Nutsfor garnish


  • In a pan add milk and beetroot slices, let it simmer for few minutes till bright color appear.
  • Add chocolate and sugar/ honey stir till chocolate dissolve.
  • Dip your mug in melted chocolate and then dip in crushed nuts.
  • Let it set and pour hot chocolate.
  • Serve in chilly nights to your loved ones.


g tea manGinger tea is very effective in flu and cold during winter season. Interesting thing is that this recipe i have learned from my maid.She told me in villages they normally use this ginger tea to cure cold. There are two methods of preparing this tea. Hope this will help you out.


Ginger 1 inch piece
Water2 cups
Tea leaves2 tsp
Milk1 cup
Shakar/ Sugar/ Honeyto taste


  • Crush ginger and add in pan, add water and cardamom too.
  • Let it boil for few minutes. Now add sugar and stir for few minutes.
  • Add tea leaves or tea bag and cover for 2 minutes.
  • Pour milk and let it simmer for few minutes .
  • Serve hot.


  • Crush ginger 1 inch piece and add in 1 and half cup of water.Boil water for few minutes and turn off the flame.
  • Add honey according to your taste and serve immediately.


IMG_1648Jelly is a most favorite dessert of kids and combination of jelly and milk is sinfully delicious.Try this simple drink for kids today..:)


Milk1 glass or as needed
Condensed milk2 tbsp or to taste
Jelly of different flavors2-3
Essence of pineapple / mango1/4 tsp
Almond / pistachioas needed


  • Mix condensed milk , milk and essence in a jug.
  • Crush all flavors of prepared jellies.
  • Add in milk and stir well.
  • You can add Almonds and pistachio flakes also.
  • Serve chill.




IMG_1493Gosh e feel also known as elephant ears or Hathi ke kan is a sweet Afghan pastry.This is very easy and simple, Afghan lady told me that they normally serve this on special occasions, Eids or parties. She told me, she can make large size Gosh e feel hundred in numbers at a time for large gatherings.

She used her own Pasta machine for demonstration…. afterwards she, on my request brought it from Afghanistan for me. She and her daughter demonstrated the process for me.

IMG_1357 IMG_1411 IMG_1414d IMG_1424d IMG_1426




Flour2 1/2 cups
Eggs2 small
Baking powder2 pinch
Cardamom powder1/2 tsp
Oil1/2 tsp (add in flour)
Milk1/2 cup (for kneading)
Sugar (grind it into fine powder)as needed
Oil for frying


  • In a large bowl mix flour , baking powder, cardamom, oil, salt and eggs.
  • Knead with milk, knead it very well approximately for 15 minutes.Cover with cling wrap and leave for 1/2 hour .
  • Dust flour on work place and knead one more time before use.Divide dough into equal halves.
  • Use pasta machine for rolling ,if you have. Otherwise you can roll it with pin wheel as thin as you can.
  • You can make two shapes which are famous, one is a bow shape and other one is oval shape like an elephant ear.
  • Now fry till light golden and sprinkle sugar on hot ears.You can sprinkle pistachio powder as well.



Water2 cups
Black or green tea leavesas needed
Cardamom2 pods
Sugarto taste.


  • Boil water.
  • Add black / green tea leaves and cardamom.
  • Cover with lid and turn off the flame. Leave it for few minutes.
  • Strain, add sugar in cups and pour kehwa.
  • Serve….:)


main sThe ultimate summer quencher, lemonade or lemo pani is refreshing as it is, but can be wonderfully lightened with fresh mint.Mint is good for skin also.


Lemon juice1/2 cup
Mintfew leaves
Sugar syrup1/4 cup
Cold water2 glass


  • Make sugar syrup.(1/4 cup sugar dissolved in 1/4 cup hot water, let it cool completely)
  • Combine syrup and mint leaves and with  wooden spoon muddle mint leaves gently.
  • Pour water and lemon juice and ice.
  • Ready to serve.



Plum is very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is also a good source of dietary fibre, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and K. These delicious succulent fruits are quite low in calories. Each 100 grams contain 46 calories and contains no saturated fats. It even contains several health promoting compounds, minerals and vitamins.

On the other hand Tamarind juice give relief from malaria as well as skin inflammations. Along with being a wonderful blood purifier, the concentrate can also aid in lowering the cholesterol levels, thereby preventing various cardiovascular diseases. A decoction made from this concentrate is a proven remedy for sore throat. It is also a grandma’s remedy for curing stomach worm trouble in children.
Combination of these two is very refreshing and a perfect cooler in summers.This is a very famous summer drink in Pakistan.



Dried plum1 cup
Dried tamarind1 cup
Sugar1/2 cup or to taste
Water2 cups to soak .


  • Soak tamarind and plum over night in one cup of water.
  • Next day remove  seeds and mash with hand.
  • Cook in a pot with sugar and salt .
  • Let it cook till sugar dissolve , remove from stove and let it cool.
  • Strain from a sieve and now add ice cubes in juice and serve chill.



Fresh and tangy lemonade will give you a fresh feeling. I always love to make this drink for me specially…:D

Hope you will try this today.


Watermelon cut in cubes1 cup
Sugar1/4 cup or to taste
Lemon juice1 tbsp
Water1/2 cup (to make syrup)
Fizzy drink, Sprite1/2 cup


  • Cook sugar and water to make a syrup.Let it cool completely.
  • Blend watermelon cubes till smooth.
  • Pour through a sieve and discard pulp.
  • Combine sugar syrup, lemon juice and watermelon juice, stir well.
  • Fill glass with ice and pour over juice.
  • Pour any frizzy drink just before serving.

IMG_1344mainBasil seed or Tukh balinga is commonly used in drinks in Pakistan. Here are some benefits of this seed:


1. Aids in digestion
Basil seeds are commonly used to provide relief from stomach upset. Due to its carminative effects, it is effective for treating digestive disorders such as stomach cramps, flatulence, constipation, irregular bowel movements and indigestion.

2. Treats colds
Another benefit of basil seeds is that they also provide relief from influenza, fever and cold. Since it has antispasmodic effects, it can help treat whooping cough. In fact, tulsi is the main ingredient in many expectorants and cough syrups.

3. Cures respiratory disorders
The herb is useful in the cure of respiratory disease, according to recent studies. A mixture of the herb, with ginger and honey is a remedy for asthma, cough, cold, influenza and bronchitis. Simply boil it in a glass of water and consume it.

4. Stress reliever
Consumption of basil seeds has an uplifting effect on your mood and thus is beneficial for relieving mental fatigue, nervous tension, melancholy, depression and migraine. Due to its calming effect, it is commonly used for aromatherapy purposes, giving you clarity and mental strength.

5. Good for skin infections
Basil seeds are crushed into oil to help in treating infections such as wounds, cuts, bladder infections, skin infections and so forth.
(courtesy to Google for information)



Basil seeds2tbsp
Orange juice 1/2 glass
Sugarto taste or 2 tbsp
Water1/2 cup
Honey1 tbsp
Crushed icefor serving.


  • Soak seeds in warm water. The warm water (not boiling) helps to fully swell the basil seeds, releasing antioxidants and digestive enzymes.
  • In a pan add 1/2 cup water and sugar cook to make syrup.
  • Let it cool completely then add honey in it.
  • Pour orange juice in it and in the end seeds. (you can use any juice of your choice even lemon juice as well)
  • Stir and serve chill….:)