NK MThis recipe is different from basic recipe of Naan Khatai, first time i have tried this and loved the taste of these small cookies.


Flour1 cup
Gram flour1/2 cup
Semolina1/2 cup
Sugar3/4 cup grinded
Oil3/4 cup
Pistachiofor garnish


  • Grind sugar with cardamom.
  • In a large bowl mix all ingredients and knead with water.
  • Make small balls and place on baking tray press with hand and sprinkle pistachio on top.
  • Bake at 180c for 15 minutes or till brown.
  • Remove from oven and let them cool down.
  • Serve with tea.


bp mThese are easy and delicious cupcakes and dieters can also try these with brown bread.You can either bake in cupcake cases or in a baking dish.


Bread slices6 slices
Milk2 cups
Brown sugar1 and 1/2 cup
Butter1/2 cup
Vanilla essencefew drops
Walnuts or raisins1/2 cup
Brown sugar for toppingas needed


  • Cut bread in small cubes.
  • In a bowl beat milk, brown sugar, vanilla essence and eggs .
  • Add walnuts and butter too. Mix and add bread with soft hands.
  • Set it aside for 10 minutes.
  • Now fill in muffin cases (grease them ) or in a baking dish.
  • Sprinkle brown sugar on top and bake for 20 minutes or till done.
bp d2
  • You can prepare sauce also to use as a topping.
  • In a pan add brown sugar 1/2 cup and butter 4 tbsp. Cook till well mixed now add maple syrup and let it cook till thick.
  • Pour over pudding and serve hot.
b p d


FF MAINIt’s fun to decorate your cakes and cupcakes with fondant flowers.These flowers bring a fresh and beautiful look to your cakes of any occasion. These are RICH CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES, which i made for my son’s teachers. It was a small tribute to all teachers to stand tall after 16 Dec incident. I made this card with my son Ali’s help.


  • Added colors in fondant to make pink and light pink.


ff 1
  • Combine both to give a tie n dye effect.


  • Cut flower and mark with knife.
  • To give shape place in egg case.


  • Rose making is very interesting , i have shown one method HERE.


m f
  • Make a small bud and petals, if you have small round cutter then cut them in circles and over lap them.


  • Arrange them and turn the edges of petals.


  • Cut the circle and divide in five then press petal from top.


  • Here are my Flowers 🙂


  • Roses


  • Close up.




  • You can add leaves too.


  • At last packed in a box 🙂




rv mThese magical cupcakes are as Luxurious as they sound, these are simple, fluffy and delicious . Recipe of RED VELVET CUPCAKES is from  Martha stewart blog.
I have changed it a bit. Proportions are different but as you can see end result is too good. In original recipe oil was 1 1/2 cup , for me it was tooooo much so i cut it down but believe me they came out so well.

rv d 1


Sugar1 cup
Oil3/4 cup
Vanilla essence1/4 tsp
Flour1 and 1/4 cup
Cocoa powder1 tbp
Baking powder1/2 tsp
Milk1/2 cup
Vinegar1/4 tsp ( for milk)
Food color1/2 tsp level (powder)
Baking soda1/4 tsp
Vinegar1 tsp


  • Make buttermilk, take 1/2 cup milk an add 1/4 tsp vinegar in it. Stir and set aside for few minutes.
rv milk
  • In a large bowl add sugar (grind it) n oil. Use beater to mix till creamy.
r v 1
  • Add egg and beat again for 5 minutes. Add vanilla essence.
rv 2
  • In butter milk add food color. (be careful about powder food color first add 1/4 tsp n mix, if required more for bright color then add just pinch).
rv 4
  • Mix cocoa, baking powder and flour.
rv 3
  • Now first add flour in oil mixture and beat, add milk in oil mixture. Beat well. Now again add flour , beat then add milk and beat. Last time add flour and then milk, beat well.
rv 5
  • In a small bowl add vinegar and baking soda, mix with spoon. Chemical reaction will start, pour in batter. Beat it again.
rv 6
  •  Fill in cupcake cases and bake for 25-30 minutes at 180c.
rv d top


Butter4 oz
Cream cheese6 oz
Icing sugar2 cups
Vanilla essence1/2 tsp


  • Beat all ingredients of cream cheese frosting and spread on cupcakes before serving.
r v d bite
  • Enjoy with a cup of tea 🙂
rv d rr v d l


fondant cup mLast year i wrote a post about Marshmallow Fondant and all my readers liked it. I was looking for a good recipe of Basic fondant and i am grateful to one of my very sincere friend Rabia Faizan whose recipe i have tried and friends believe me if you have glucose available in your city then do not waste time , go buy it and make this fondant today.You can, not only make it easily but also its very cheap to make at home.
If you are interested in Marshmallow fondant then try this easy peasy recipe of MARSHMALLOW FONDANT
Do not forget to check FLOWER MAKING from mallow fondant.



Icing sugar8 cups
Liquid Glucose1/2 cup
Gelatin 2 tbsp
Ghee/ shortening2 tbsp
Glycerin 1 tbsp
Vanilla essence1 tsp
Water1/4 cup for gelatin


  • You can reduce the quantity first time as i did. I have used 2 cups of icing sugar. Here i will mention the actual quantities Rabia has given.
  • Take an extra large bowl and grease it with butter or ghee or shortening.
  • Add icing sugar in the bowl and make a well in the center of icing sugar.
  • Now soak gelatin in 1/4 cup water. Leave it for 5 minutes to swell. Its better to soak in a small pot so you can heat it directly.
  • Arrange all ingredients near stove.
  • Heat gelatin on very low flame till melt, start adding all other ingredients one by one and keep on stiring.
  • Take out glucose with spoon but transfer in pot with wet hands because it will stick with spoon and will be difficult to handle.
  • After adding all ingredients stir constantly till glucose dissolve. Remove from stove and let it cool a bit.
  • Pour this mixture in icing sugar well and do not forget to grease your hands.
  • Start kneading , you can add more icing sugar if required.
  • Fondant is ready ,wrap in cling sheet and store in air tight container.
  • Add color of your choice and enjoy making things.
  • I have used normal glycerin bought from a near by drug store.
  • I was not able to take pictures of every step because preparation method was really quick ..you can say need sonic speed to make this fondant 😀 just kidding.
f dough
  • This is from 2 cups of icing sugar.



tea cup d

  • This is very easy to make. I have tried this very first time, inshallah in future I will add more ideas with different techniques without using any mold or cutter.
t c flower
  • Take a cupcake and roll your fondant according to the size of cupcake. Cut the edges from pizza cutter and wet one side.
  • Wrap it on cupcake, Now roll fondant and cut with a round cutter to make a saucer.
  • Make handle and wet both corners from brush and stick it.
  • I have made spoon also. 🙂
tea cup dd


winner certificateI considered myself very fortunate because this year i have participated in a contest ,organized by  “SUGAR & SPICE”. I met Sharmeen Haris (organizer) and a lot of talented ladies.I was pleasantly surprised by the recipes and the creative thought that went into each dish.I really believe that food is a great way to start a dialogue. I believe food is a good way to have a get together and have a cross cultural exchange. This contest brought us closer and i am proud to have loving and sweet friends in my circle.
The cooking competition was an amazing experience, I wasn’t expecting to win, but I won. It was fun to win a prize which is really helpful. I am and always be grateful to Sharmeen Haris and all judges.

ty muffin m

This is a small thank you tribute to you  my friend…..:)

Thank you for the gift.
Thank you for being the person you are:
kind and thoughtful,
sensitive and considerate,
a generous and thoughtful giver.
You are unselfish always,
putting others before yourself,
making me feel special and important.
It is a privilege and a pleasure to know you.

These different sized Silicon cupcake cases are beauties.

ty muffin2


banana muffins mainBanana muffins are irresistibly delicious.Light and fluffy muffins can be your first choice in cake craving. Homemade caramel sauce will enhance the taste of soft muffins.


Bananas2 large
Butter1/2 cup
Flour2 cups
Brown Sugar1 cup
Baking powder1 tsp
Baking soda1/2 tsp
Salt1/4 tsp
Vanilla essence1 tsp
Milk1/2 cup


  • Peel bananas and cut in slices, mash them with fork. Now put them in microwave safe bowl and add butter also. (you can do this process on stove also but do not cook just melt and mix bananas and butter)
  • Microwave for 10 seconds and mix butter and mashed bananas with fork or masher. Make a smooth mixture.
  • Add eggs in banana mixture and beat ,now add sugar  and beat . do not over beat.
  • Now add vanilla essence, salt ,flour , baking powder, soda and milk. Mix and pour in muffin cups .
  • Bake them at 180c for 25 minutes.
  • Let them cool completely and then pour caramel OR  try ” DOLCE DE LECHE”
B M 22


Brown Sugar1/2 cup
Butter1/4 cup
Cream2 tsp
Powdered sugar1 cup


  • In a pan mix butter and brown sugar , cook till melt.Remove from stove.
  • Mix icing sugar and cream with whisk .
  • Pour on your muffins .


meringues mainI am in love with these cookies…:) They are super easy to make and super delicious in taste.You can make variations from basic recipe. Inspire your guests with these beauty bites. I will show few variations ,hope you will like them.


Egg whites4
Castor sugar1/2 cup
Icing sugar1/2 cup
Coco powderas needed.


  • Separate egg whites but keep in your mind that your bowl should be clean and not wet. No hint of yolk should be in whites.
  • Beat egg whites on medium speed add sugar and beat till foamy.
  • Add salt and vanilla essence.
  • Place butter paper on tray and fill this foamy mixture in piping bag.
  • Now make a circle.
  • If you are making choco meringues then add cocoa powder and beat well. You can add any color of your choice.
  • Bake for 45 minutes at 180c or till become crispy.
  • Let them cool down completely and then store in air tight jar.
  • Melt chocolate and dip Meringues , you can use sprinkles to attract kids.
mringue choco d
  • Make sandwich by applying butter cream on one side of Meringue ,place second one with it to make a sandwich.
meringue sandwch
  • You can sprinkle desicated coconut before baking it will give a sweet aroma to your cookies.
meringue sprinkle d
  • Next time i will bring you few more ideas till then enjoy these…:)
meringue dll


nutella hearts mainThis recipe is a versatile recipe.Thou i have used Nutella as a filling but you can use any other filling.. for example jam , chicken and mayo ,mince etc.
If you have frozen puff pastry  available at your home then you can just make these in few minutes.Result of Palmiers from puff pastry is best but if you do not have it then make dough and bake these..:)


Puff pastry / Doughas needed
Nutella/ Chocolate spreadas needed


nutellapalmierscourtesy Google

  • Roll puff pastry or dough, For recipe of dough open this link: DOUGH.
  • Spread Nutella, you can spread nuts also and roll dough from both sides.
  • Cut in pieces and bake at 180c for 20-25 minutes.
nutella heaarts d

IMG_0989I have mentioned in my last post about the versatility of DOLCE DE LECHE. I am going to share cupcake recipe with dolce de leche topping.Highly irresistible and tempting.

One thing i will clear about Dolce de leche and Caramel, these two are very different. DDL is made from condensed milk or milk and sugar, on other hand Caramel is made from sugar and water.Taste of both are different.In fact very different…:)



Vanilla Muffinsas needed
Dolce de leche as needed
Cream for topping


  • Make cupcakes with “VANILLA CUPCAKES” recipe.
  • Now scoop out , from the center of the cake. Fill this pit with dolce de leche and set aside.
  • Top with cream and drizzle dolce de leche or caramel.
  • Keep in fridge and serve after 10-15 minutes.

Please Click to check the recipe of  DOLCE DE LECHE and VANILLA CUPCAKES .



This girl, whom i invited to write a guest post is talented and unique and a very good friend of mine. She is lively and artistic….I am talking about MONU TEENA, she is running an amazing Blog “ Recipes Passion” . I am so happy to introduce her to you. I liked her amazing recipes a lot You can check her   Chocolate Frosting  recipe here ,this is very nice ….Thank you my dear friend for being here with us, Now over to you Monu:

“Let me first introduce myself; Salam, Hi I am Monu Teena, recently blogging on  RecipesPassion . As seen from my Blog Title the word “Passion” has described my intention towards Baking & Cooking. My mother is my first inspiration, when I was only 10 I baked a cake with an icing done on that under my mom’s guidance. Later on; almost 16 years have been passed, I still call myself a Learner.

I always prefer to share a best recipe on my blog, because I want to develop an honest relationship with all my friends and lovely readers. Other than my passion I am an Engineer by profession and a student of MBA. Nowadays, working with my lovely husband and assisting in his business. Although I am facing such a toughest routine, I try to take out some time for Blogging. I am addicted to food blogging; top and foremost really thankful to my husband for his support and encouragement. This is what I am. Love to meet, make new friends and grow my social circle.

Few days back, Ainy asked me for a Guest Post; I started working on that, We met on blogger, probably a month ago. Found her a sincere, cooperative and sweet lady. Hoping this cyber friendship will grow stronger and stronger as the passage of time. “

Really thankful to Ainy for giving me a slot on her place. I am going to share Strawberry Jam filled Muffins with you today; Lets heading over to the recipe:



This will make about 10 to 12 muffins. You may double the quantity if you want at least 2 dozens of muffin (about 20 to 24)

Things you will need:

2 Eggs at room temperature
1/4 cup of unsalted Butter
1/4 cup of Canola / Vegetable Oil
1/2 cup of Sugar
1 tsp of Vanilla essence
1 tsp of heaped Baking Powder
3/4 cup of all purpose Flour
3 tbsp of Warm Milk
Strawberry Jam (as required)
Few Butter paper cups
Muffin tray (6 or 12 cup)

Steps to follow

Step 1:

Pre-Heat your oven upto 350 degrees of Fahrenheit (180 Degrees Centigrade). Little grease the butter paper cups and place them in the muffins tray.

Step 2 :

Sieve all purpose flour and Baking powder together in order to remove the lumps and aerating your flour. Set them aside.

Step 3:

Meanwhile, in a large bowl beat eggs one by one till smooth and fluffy. Add Vanilla essence, Butter, oil and sugar. Beat it continuously for another 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 4:

Take a spatula or a wooden spoon, gently add the sieved ingredients in to the batter, and the Milk/ Mix it properly giving a smooth texture of a batter.

Step 5:

Take out the batter into the paper cups making it almost half filled. Spoon out the strawberry Jam into the batter on top;


Step 6:

Fill with more Batter on the top; making strawberry jam almost covered with the cake batter;


Step 7:

Bake it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Do check by inserting toothpick if they are completely baked.

I would be so glad if you are going to try my recipe; my husband just loved the muffins, i packed them for my lunch enjoyed at office lunch with my husband. Till then love you all; stay blessed 🙂


Thank you Monu for such an easy and delicious recipe for my Baking Classes…:)

I love u



Hey Friends, I am very excited to do a super easy and delicious guest post for  SEASONED WITH SHAZZY. This  “Date cake/cupcakes with Nutella Frosting”   I made for her are absolutely sinfully delicious. These cupcakes are very simple, fluffy and addictive.

Interesting thing is, you can make it with butter or oil. I have mentioned both methods in the recipe.
So you can say, this is a versatile Cake…lolzz.In the end thanks to Shazzy for inviting me back…:)











Please check the recipe on Shazzy’s place and leave your lovely comments.

SENDING IT HERE:http://haffaskitchen.blogspot.com/2014/08/my-1st-event-announcement-back-to-school.html




Crispy…Crunchy…Cookies. This is one of the best cookie recipe i have ever tried. These are easy to make and i am sure your family will appreciate and love these cookies.



Self raising flour 1 cup
Sugar1/2 cup
Vanilla essence 1/4 tsp
Butter softened1/2 cup
Almond crushed1/2 cup
Cornflakes (Kellogg's corn flakes)2 cups


  • In a large bowl mix butter and sugar, mix till creamy and pale.
  • Add egg and vanilla. Beat again.
  • Add sifted flour and crushed almonds.
  • Now use your hands to mix ingredients.
  • Lightly crush cornflakes and fold them in dough with light hands.
  • Now make small balls of dough and roll each ball in cornflakes.
  • Place on baking sheet and press with the back of any tablespoon.
  • Bake them for 10-15 minutes at 180 c.
  • You can add sultanas ,cherries or black currents instead of almonds.
  • Let them cool on the rack completely then serve or save…:)

One thing i like most about this bloggy world is getting to know a lot of other foodie friends and bloggers and having an opportunity to guest post for some. This is an interesting thing for me.
Hafsah from* Haffa’s Kitchen Adventures* when invited me to step in and write a guest post for her, I immediately said ,Yes. She has a wonderful blog with awesome recipes.I love her Fish Shaslak recipe and soon am going to try…:) Please visit her blog and page.

I decided to make these Strawberry Poke Cupcakes for her because fresh strawberries are available in market and i love the combination of Strawberries and chocolate.

For this recipe please click ….. HERE .And then please let me know what you think.



Almond Log Cookies2
I Read somewhere that, “cooking is a talent and skill both! You must love it enough to build up skill but if you aren’t talented and imaginative you won’t be fixing any truly interesting dishes or meals”.

Today i am very much excited to introduce you to a lady who has both qualities. When i saw her recipes i was truly inspired with her work and i decided to ask her to guest post for me.I am grateful to her that she accepted my invitation and here with us ,sharing a very nice recipe.Now over to you Ambreen..:)

Hi everyone! I’m Ambreen, a Pakistani food blogger sharing my favorite recipes on Simply Sweet ‘n Savory. My blog features simple recipes, made from scratch and using common ingredients found in a typical Pakistani kitchen. I’m a sweets loving girl, so most of my recipes are centered around cakes, cookies and desserts 🙂

Thank you so much AINY for inviting me to guest post, it is such an honor to guest post on your awesome site. I’m excited to be here on AinyCooks to share a simple yet delicious cookie recipe 🙂

Almond Log Cookies

Makes : 48 cookies

Ingredients :

For Dough :

  • 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 tsp. baking soda
  • 1/8 tsp. salt
  • 1 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 3/4 cup castor sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract


For Topping :

  • 1/2 cup almonds, chopped
  • 2 tbs granulated sugar
  • 1 egg, beaten

Method :

  • In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, baking soda and salt. Set aside.
  • Using an electric mixer, beat the butter and sugar in a large bowl until smooth.
  • Add the egg and beat until fluffy, about 2 minutes. Beat in the vanilla.
  • With the mixer on low, gradually add the flour mixture; mixing until just incorporated.
  • Shape into a disk and refrigerate, wrapped, for at least an hour.
  • On a floured surface, roll pieces of the dough into ( 1/2 inch ) thick cords, then cut into ( 3 inch ) lengths. Refrigerate on baking sheets until firm.
  • Preheat oven to 180 C / 350 F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • Combine almonds and sugar in a bowl. Brush the logs with the beaten egg and sprinkle with almond mixture.
  • Place logs on prepared baking sheet, spacing the cookies at least ( 1 1/2 inch ) apart. Bake until just beginning to brown, 12 to 14 minutes.
  • Cool slightly on baking sheet, then transfer to wire rack to cool completely.
  • Store cookies in an airtight container at room temperature, for up to 1 week.

Recipe Source : Real Simple
You can make different variations from the same dough like Sparkling Sugar Cutout Cookies , Almond Chocolate Chips Jumbles , Sparkling Hearts and Stars Sugar Cookies and many more. Happy Baking!!!




I love this recipe of fully loaded chocolate cookies…Soft from inside with crisp around the edges.This recipe is a never fail…try is must.


Unsalted butter3 oz
Soft light brown sugar2 oz
Egg1 large
Vanilla essence1 tsp
Plain flour sifted6 oz
Cocoa sifted1oz
Baking powder1/4 tsp
Salt1/4 tsp
Milk or white chocolate3 1/2 oz


  • Preheat oven to 180c.
  • Whisk together the butter and sugar with electric whisk until pale n fluffy.
  • Add egg and vanilla ,mix well.
  • Mix flour, cocoa, baking powder, salt and chocolate chunks.Mix to form a soft dough.
  • Place walnut sized dough on a greased baking tray.
  • Flattened slightly with a damp fork and bake for 10 minutes.
  • Cool on tray for 10 minutes then transfer on rack to cool completely.