One of my friends Laila Asim made these flowers, after getting the recipe from her I tried them myself. First time it didn’t work very well, apple slices were a bit thick and they were not looking that good. Then next day I tried again and this time my slices were very thin and the result is in front of you 🙂


Applesas needed
Sugar1 cup
Lemon juice1 tbsp


  • Add sugar and 2 cups of water in a pan and boil till sugar dissolves and then set aside.
  • Wash apples and scoop out middle part of seeds with sharp knife .
  • Cut them in thin slices, they will look like a dough nut, then cut them in half.
  • You can add circles (dough nut shape) in to sugar syrup or first cut them in halves and place in syrup. Syrup should be warm.
  • Coat all slices with syrup and check them if they are soft enough to fold. Then take them out and make a bud first then stack slices to make rose shape.
  • Place them in muffin tray and kept in fridge. Give them 1-2 hour to set and then use where ever you want.
  • You can use these flowers in decorating apple pies, tarts, custards, trifles and much more…..
  • Laila told me that she has used jam to give a glaze on apples. Heat up jam with water and then brush on apples.

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