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kulian mToday is the first day of Ramazan 2017. My sincere wishes for all Brothers and sisters. May you be blessed,by the love of Allah,and be guided by Him,in all that you do!
My first recipe on first day of Ramazan is an inspirational one and very simple. In Karachi, Bahadrabad you will get this chat. But you can easily make it at home and inspire your guests. Serve after assembling, will look more scrumptious.


Potatoes4-5 medium
Boiled chickpeas1 cup or as needed
Mint Raita1 cup
Imli /tamarind sweet n sour sauce1/2 cup or as needed
Chat masalaas required
Crushed chiliesas required
Chopped vegetables
(Tomato, onion, coriander, mint)
as needed
Seveoptional, as needed



  • Boil potatoes but should not be very soft and tender. Remove skin and scoop out center part carefully with spoon.
  • Sprinkle crushed chilies and chat masala on potatoes.
  • Mix all vegetables in a bowl.
  • Assemble kulian by adding chickpeas, vegetable,  imli chatney and raita.
  • You can chick Recipe of Raita here: MINT RAITA
  • You can get the recipe of Imli Chatney here: SWEET AND SOUR IMLI CHATNEY
  • You can serve as I have shown in the picture too.

kulian dd

  • You can prepare every thing In the morning and assemble just before serving.

kulian d

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