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Live your best life and take the thinking out of “What is for dinner today?” Even if you are a beginner or experienced cook these Food apps will make your life easier and tension free. Smartphones and tablets can help you eat well. You can download Food Apps and find healthy recipes. There are number of Food Apps out there which are focusing on teaching you to cook simple, traditional and healthy food yourself.
I am sharing my views about a Food App which I am following. “Pakistani Recipes Book” delivers various recipes with easy to follow instructions.


Here are 5 reasons why you should follow Pakistani Recipes Book App:

1. This Food App is an excellent companion free App with descent interface. You can just search in App store and download it in your smart phone. No hidden charges 🙂

2. PRB App delivers recipes with tempting pictures and step by step instructions, every step of the cooking process with notes and pictures that are featured prominently with every recipe,extra content in the form of search tools with filters based on:

    • Ingredients
    • Categories
    • Cuisine

3. You can save your favorite recipe, create shopping list.
4. This is the first Pakistani Food app which is not only free but also have a collection of Traditional Pakistani famous recipes and International recipes too.
5. It allows you to upload your own recipe with picture.

Its totally free so difficult to complain about what few issues the app does have. Its clean and should work well for most. Download and encourage this App
PAKISTANI Recipes Book

Be Pakistani…support Pakistani 🙂

Click the link below and download Pakistani Recipes Book App



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